Waste management

Through Iren Ambiente, we manage the integrated waste cycle: collecting and starting the recovery of municipal and special waste, and managing urban hygiene services, treatment, disposal and recovery plants in the Piedmont and Emilia territories.

The collection service involves the city of Turin, the city of Vercelli, 26 municipalities around Vercelli and 116 municipalities in the Emilia area in the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, for a total customer base of more than 2.3 million residents.

By controlling the entire management cycle, through our 30 plants, we can guarantee optimum treatment of waste with recovery of materials and energy, and guaranteeing correct disposal with full environmental protection for residual or hazardous waste.

We annually manage approximately 2,269,000 tonnes of waste of which more than 865,365 is collected separately with an average collection of 64,3%, compared with a national figure of 47%.

We are also responsible for the urban hygiene service which includes cleaning streets, pavements and urban green areas, as well as clearing snow in the winter, with various methods and time frames depending on the area.

We guarantee precise environmental consulting, and reclamation work on polluted soils and groundwater, and decommissioned industrial areas.

We invest time and resources in implementing and maintaining a management system compliant with the ISO 9001,  ISO 14.001 OHSAS 18.001  certifications in order to fully guarantee customer, environmental and employee health.