Our people

People at the centre: Iren People is the project that tells the human and professional story of those who, every day, represent the added value of the Iren Group, demonstrating their pride in belonging to a large group and carrying out a useful service to the community with enthusiasm and passion.

Working together for a common goal, each with different responsibilities and competences, but each with the explicit intention of adding value to the result of the work done individually: with expertise you achieve goals, but with values you make a difference. For this reason, Iren People wants to tell the stories of values lived together with responsibility, teamwork, attention to customers and citizens. Stories of colleagues who put their heart and soul into it.

Belonging is the bond that unites people to the Group: together, we want to build a sustainable future not only for our company but also for generations to come. To succeed in this challenge, Iren relies on people and their professional and human value. More than 8,400 employees and an extensive network of operators work in harmony with a common goal: to work every day to satisfy the needs of customers and citizens and, at the same time, improve the quality of life for the community.

We are all one team: the value of a company is the value of its people.

Here are some of our stories:

Elena Del Fine - Emilia customer service

Paolo Adamo - Ireti Genova

Ettore Coltro - Teleriscaldamento Torino