An ecological and sustainable


Get Into The Green:

Follow the rhythm

of sustainability

The right charge to growth

The responsibility of providing people and territories with basic services drives Iren to work every day to shape tomorrow, investing in ecological transition, innovation and research for the integrated management of its green resources.

We inhabit the territories and

take care of them

Iren is the energy, environmental and infrastructure operator active in a multi-regional area with more than 9,000 employees, a portfolio of over 2 million customers in the energy sector, approximately 2.7 million residents served in the integrated water cycle and approximately 3 million residents in the environmental cycle.

A 100-year history

We look toward tomorrow with confidence, taking care of the skills gained from our experience and tradition: in the discovery of our milestones, growth path and main goals.

Our vision to 2030

Ecological transition, territoriality and service quality guide the action of Iren's Business Plan: these are the three strategic pillars that show the way to meet the needs of citizens and territories.

Electricity Gas and Services

Iren Luce Gas e Servizi provides electricity, natural gas, products and services to individuals, companies and public agencies.

Electricity Gas and Services


We manage environmental services, every day, as protagonists: from the material to energy, from collection to valorisation.


 Smart Solutions

We provide integrated energy efficiency services and solutions aimed at companies and service industries, Apartment complexes and Public Administration.

 Smart Solutions

District heating

We provide our customers with thermal energy for space heating and domestic hot water production.

District heating


We operate under the banner of quality, attentive to the needs of customers and citizens, making the best use of the water resource in all our territories.


Energy Generation

We are active in energy generation and thermal energy production for district heating and in technology services. 

Energy Generation

What do you need?

If you are a citizen of one of the territories in which we operate or a customer with a supply contract, we are here to help you, resolve your doubts and answer your questions.

Our commitments


Conceiving everything from a circular perspective, embarking on new ways to achieve the ecological transition, investing to accelerate change.


At the centre of our strategic choices for improving efficiency and service quality, optimising business processes, and anticipating the needs of citizens, customers and territories.

Local Area

Supporting their growth by focusing on cooperation and integration in communities. A relationship that is based on respect for places and people, widespread presence, trust and transparency. 

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The value of a company

is the value of people

With skills, we obtain our goals; with values, we make a difference. Together we want to build a sustainable future, not only for our company, but also for the future generations. We do this by focusing on people and on their professional and human value. Over 10,000 employees working in synergy to meet the needs of customers and citizens and improve the quality of life of the community.