The Iren Group Code of Ethics

The Iren Group Code of Ethics is the instrument that defines the set of ethical values and responsibilities of the Company.


The Code of Ethics also identifies the rules of conduct that should guide internal and external management and relationships. Compliance with the Code of Ethics also makes it possible to prevent the risk of committing the crimes set forth in Legislative Decree 231/2001 in the context of the specific activities carried out within the Iren Group. Observation of the content of the Code of Ethics by all who operate on behalf of Iren is of fundamental importance for the smooth operation, reliability and reputation of the Company.


Iren’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department has the task of promoting awareness, dissemination, and ensuring the updating, interpretation and implementation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics.


Iren establishes criteria and procedures to reduce the risk of violations of the Code of Ethics, promotes and verifies the knowledge and implementation of the Code, and ensures that any reports of violations of the Code are verified, the facts are evaluated, and appropriate sanctions are applied.



If a person becomes aware of violations, even suspected violations, of Model 231 or the Code of Ethics itself, they may promptly report them in detail to the Iren Supervisory Board (SB) or to their superiors or to the Internal Audit and Compliance Department.


Reports to the Supervisory Board, based on precise and circumstantiated facts, can also be made anonymously by accessing the dedicated portal, sending an e-mail to the mailbox accessible only to members of the Supervisory Board or a letter to the attention of the Chair of the Supervisory Board at "Studio dell'Avv. Catellani", Via Guido da Castello 33, 42121 Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy. Reports to the Iren Internal Audit and Compliance Department can be made at

Do you want to submit a report?

Access the dedicated portal or send an email to the Iren Supervisory Board. Confidentiality of the identity of the reporter in the handling of the report will be guaranteed, subject to legal obligations and the protection of the rights of the Company or persons involved in the report.


In any case, Iren and the Supervisory Body will ensure that those who have made the reports are not subjected to retaliation, discrimination or, in any case, penalisation, whether direct or indirect, for reasons connected directly or indirectly to the report, thus ensuring the appropriate confidentiality of these individuals.

Iren Code of Ethics

Iren Code of Ethics



Model 231 and Corporate Administrative Responsibility

The Company has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model, by a resolution of the Board of Directors, which formalises, in a nutshell, the set of measures aimed at preventing the crimes set forth in Legislative Decree 231/2001, as part of the activities identified as sensitive to the potential risk of the commission of an offense referred to in that decree.



Each subsidiary of Iren S.p.A. independently adopts an Organisation, Management and Control Model, subject to a resolution of its Board of Directors, after analysing and identifying its managed sensitive activities and noting the internal control system suitable for preventing the commission of potentially applicable crimes.


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