The ambition of the Strategic Plan

Iren’s main ambitions declared in the Business Plan to 2030 are: to establish itself as a leader in the ecological transition, to become reference partner in the territory and to be the first choice of stakeholders for the highest levels of service quality offered.


These ambitions can be translated into the three strategic pillars that underpin the investment plan: Ecological Transition, Territoriality and Service Quality.



Ecological Transition, to accelerate sustainability in all business sectors

The ecological transition acceleration is based on the development of 3 GW of new renewable capacity (solar and wind) also through the realisation of widespread energy communities and the decommissioning of the only thermoelectric plant not connected to the district heating network. These actions combined with the decarbonisation initiatives of all other businesses will allow Iren to halve its carbon intensity, reaching 176 gCO2/kWh in 2030. The target set by Iren has been validated by the Science Based Target Initiative as being in line with the BW2D scenario.


Iren is committed to become a leader in the circular economy through an increase in the percentage of sorted waste collection that will reach 76% in 2030, the development of waste selection and treatment plants that will reach a total capacity of 5.1 million tonnes (+2.4 million tonnes compared to 2022) allowing the Group to recover 3.6 million tonnes of waste, considering both material and energy.


Finally, Iren has always paid particular attention to the virtuous use of water resources, already reporting a much lower percentage of losses than the Italian average and committing itself to reduce them further, reaching 20% in 2030.


of the total investment is sustainable


carbon intensity @2030


material recovery @2030


water losses

Territoriality to maximise opportunities for growth and synergies among all businesses serving the territory

95% of total investments are focussed on reference areas, increasing territorial roots by expanding the range of services offered, increasing the user base of all businesses and sharing Iren’s know-how to satisfy the needs of the national system. The ambition is to be reference partner for municipalities by expanding the portfolio of services: energy efficiency, smart cities, both public and private electric mobility, urban and infrastructure redevelopment and energy communities development.


of investments involve reference areas


of energy communities

Quality of service, to be the top choice in the territory

The set goals related to expansion of the customer base and extension of services will be possible by improving the quality of services offered. High service quality, reflected in increased water purification capacity and a 40 percent reduction in the frequency of electric service interruptions, will be supported by investments in digitization and a commitment to maximum customer satisfaction, with increased local physical presence and internalization of key customer management activities.


of the investment aims to achieve quality standards of excellence in all businesses


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