The ambition of the Strategic Plan

Iren aims to become the reference partner in the area, to establish itself as leader in the ecological transition and to be the first choice of stakeholders for the highest levels of service quality offered.


This ambition can be translated into the three strategic pillars that underpin the Iren S.p.A. Business Plan.



Ecological Transition, Territoriality and Service Quality point the way to be truly at the side of customers, citizens and all territories, to effectively meet their needs by offering high quality standards.



Ecological Transition, to accelerate sustainability in all business sectors

The decarbonisation initiatives will enable Iren S.p.A. to halve its carbon intensity by reaching 175 gCO2/kWh in 2030, in line with the ambitions of the Science Based Target Initiative, and to achieve carbon neutrality in 2040.


Iren is committed to becoming a leader in the circular economy by improving the percentage of separate waste collection to 76% in 2030. Increasing waste recovery capacity by 2.3 million tons, both as material recovery and energy recovery, will enable the Group to reach a total capacity of 3.6 million tons and develop the production of 60 million cubic meters of biomethane from waste.


The Iren Group is committed to accelerating the sustainable use of resources in all businesses.


Special attention is paid to the virtuous use of the water resource, recording a much lower leakage rate than the Italian average. The effort is directed at increasing the reuse of purified water for agricultural and industrial uses.


of the total investment is sustainable


carbon intensity reduction @2030


waste treated @2030

Territoriality to maximise opportunities for growth and synergies among all businesses serving the territory

Of the total investments, 85% is intended to increase territorial roots in historical areas by expanding the range of services offered, extending to 34 the number of provinces in which the Iren Group provides more than four services and increasing the user base of all businesses. The ambition is to be a partner of choice for municipalities by expanding the portfolio of services, from energy efficiency, public lighting, smart cities and both public and private electric mobility, to urban and infrastructure redevelopment.


of investments involve the territories in which we are present


Provinces served by more than 4 services @2030


electric charging stations installed @2030

Quality of service, to be the top choice in the territory

The set goals related to expansion of the customer base and extension of services will be possible by improving the quality of services offered. In the distribution of electricity and water and gas leaks, the Iren Group plans to reduce the frequency of interruptions, through a digitalisation process that will involve almost all network infrastructure and allow greater efficiency and effectiveness in management activities: planned increase in electrical transformation capacity (+40%) and water purification (+15%). Iren's efforts will be aimed at maximising the level of customer satisfaction across all businesses through the internalisation of key customer operations, the increase (+80%) of physical stores, the development of the Iren Plus platform, and the full omni-channel experience.


of the investment aims to achieve quality standards of excellence in all businesses


electricity service interruptions @2030


water losses (vs <40% Italian average) @2030


digital gas and energy meters @2030