The Company

Iren Energia, together with Iren Ambiente, Iren Mercato and Ireti, is part of the four parent companies of Iren S.p.A.


Iren Energia is the Group company active in the production of electricity and in the production and distribution of thermal energy for district heating and in technology services. Through its subsidiary Iren Smart Solutions, Iren Energia offers smart solutions for people and businesses, promoting integrated services in energy efficiency and innovation.

Let us make our contribution

to the energy transition 

With a total installed capacity of about 2,900 MW (in electric power supply) and with more than 74% of energy produced from renewable sources and high-efficiency cogeneration, we make our contribution to the energy transition, so that energy multiplies forces and does not consume resources.


Through the production, distribution and supply of heat, Iren Energia is also the leading operator in Italy in the district heating sector, a choice with high and undisputed environmental sustainability. Iren Energia has more than 1,000 km of district heating networks, serving 11 cities with about 100 Mm³ connected. A solution with a low environmental impact.


The economic optimisation of the production of power plants for production takes place thanks to the work of the Power Management department, which manages power plants on the electricity markets (energy and dispatching services) by defining the best market strategies to be adopted.



installed capacity






electricity produced from renewable sources

Company officers

The Iren Group adopts a traditional system of administration and control, structured on a Board of Directors and a Board of Auditors appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Board of Directors (BoD) is the central body in the corporate governance system of Iren S.p.A. and is vested with the broadest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary administration of the Company, which it carries out consistently with the Code of Ethics. The Board of Directors of Iren Energia consists of three members:

  • Chair - Moris Ferretti


  • CEO - Giuseppe Bergesio


  • Director - Alessandro Giglio

The Board of Statutory Auditors is called upon to supervise compliance with the law and the Articles of Association and compliance with the principles of proper administration, as well as to monitor the adequacy of the company’s organisational structure, internal control system and administrative accounting system. The Board of Statutory Auditors of Iren Energia is composed of:

  • Roberto Costaguta
  • Andrea Romersa
  • Michele Rutigliano

Model 231 and Corporate Administrative Responsibility

The Company has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model, by a resolution of the Board of Directors, which formalises, in a nutshell, the set of measures aimed at preventing the crimes set forth in Legislative Decree 231/2001, as part of the activities identified as sensitive to the potential risk of the commission of an offense referred to in that decree.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a tool prepared by Iren to define the behavioural principles and the values of business ethics that Iren and its subsidiaries recognise, accept, share and apply, and the set of responsibilities that they, as well as their respective employees and collaborators, adopt in internal and external relations. In this Code, the term Iren, Iren Group, or Group means Iren S.p.A. and all the companies of the Group under its control.

Management system 

To ensure efficiency, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, competence and safety, we have developed an integrated system structured to control and verify all operational processes that affect the quality of our services.

Administrative management of contracts

Access to the portal by Suppliers allows streamlined and digital management of administrative processes related to contracts with Iren Energia.

Iren Energia

Corso Svizzera 95 - 10143 Torino