Our mission

Designing a sustainable future for our territories for the benefit of every community: through innovative solutions, we offer the best integrated management of energy, water and environmental resources. We generate value over time for more sustainable living, in smarter cities, for a cleaner Planet. 

For you,

every day.

Our values

With skills you get things done, with values you make a difference: the principles we believe in put people at the centre and direct their actions. There can be no care for people, the environment and the market without sustainable development based on shared ethical principles.


The sustainable future is a commitment we pursue together, every day.


Feeling part of a common ground moves us in the same direction.

Customer satisfaction

We give our all to provide the best.

Growth and development of people

We cultivate skills, we develop talents.


Together we look to the future, learning and supporting each other.


Sharing and communicating enhances our mission.

Change and flexibility

We welcome innovations as valuable resources to preside over the times.


A goal and value we pursue in our daily lives. 

Our vision

Improving people's quality of life. Making companies more competitive. To look at territorial growth with a focus on change. We do this through three pillars that drive our action plan: ecological transition, territoriality and service quality. This is how we merge development and sustainability into one unique value.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a tool prepared by Iren to define the behavioural principles and the values of business ethics that Iren and its subsidiaries recognise, accept, share and apply, and the set of responsibilities that they, as well as their respective employees and collaborators, adopt in internal and external relations.