The Open Innovation Model

Working with universities, research centres, innovation hubs and start-ups, the Group is involved in numerous projects. Iren is very active in European, national and regional co-funded research projects: these projects allow innovative solutions to be tested with the contribution and comparison of international realities.


If you have an innovative idea, a start-up, an innovative product or service or a research activity and would like to get in touch with Iren, please write to




The aim of this project is to create the first plants for the production and distribution of biomethane to end users in Italy. These plants will be the starting point for the evaluation of the extensibility of this experiment throughout the Emilia Romagna region and for the creation of the regional biomethane distribution network. IREN will implement the pilot plant. 




The objective of the 5G‐Solutions project is to test, in different field tests, the functioning, potential and limits of the 5G network, with particular attention on assessing the performance indicators defined by the standardisation bodies responsible.