Promote partnerships for sustainable development

Iren Group has chosen the path of associative participation, which aims to put experience and knowledge at the service of companies and organisations that share a common path of sustainability and responsibility. Participation in networks and associations is focused on continuous updating, on the dissemination of publications, studies and research, on information and comparison meetings, on the involvement of institutions and social forces to promote strategic issues, stimulating targeted and incisive intervention proposals and policies.

Membership in associations and networks nationally and internationally contributes to the achievement of Goal 17 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


The monitoring, analysis and comparison of emerging trends and regulatory scenarios are of great importance for the most correct and up-to-date understanding of the reference framework in which the Group operates.

Our partnerships for sustainable development

UN Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact, born from the desire to promote a sustainable global economy: respectful of human and labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. It is a voluntary initiative of adherence to a set of principles that promote the values of sustainability in the long term and a commitment, signed with the United Nations by the top managers of the participating companies, to contribute to a new phase of globalisation characterised by sustainability, international cooperation and partnership in a multi-stakeholder perspective.

Global Compact Network Italia Foundation

It was created with the primary purpose of contributing to the development of the United Nations Global Compact in Italy. Global Compact Network Italia works to promote the ten principles of the Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), deepen the themes of sustainability and related fields within the general framework proposed by the Global Compact, assist and support companies and organisations in implementing the ten principles of the Global Compact and the SDGs in their core business and in reporting on sustainability.


A federation that brings together public service Companies that operate in the water, environment, electricity and gas sectors, acting as their representative at European and national Institutions. It was created from the merger between Federutility (water and energy services) and Federambiente (environmental services). It offers support and refresher and training courses, as well as consultancy on contractual, legislative, operational, tax and legal aspects. 

Elettricità Futura

Leading association of the Italian electrical world. It represents both big and small companies that operate within the electricity sector in Italy and counts over 700 operators with plants all over Italy.

Federazione Italiana per l'uso Razionale dell’Energia (FIRE)

A non-profit association active in the energy and environmental sector, in particular for: promoting good practices for energy efficiency, the use of renewable sources and sustainability; the analysis of topics linked to energy consumption and generation; participation in international projects aimed at the efficient use of energy and environmental resources; training, information and study activities, and the development of new energy management tools.

Sustainable Development Foundation 

Reference point for the main sectors and protagonists of the green economy: the economy of sustainable development. It puts experience and knowledge at the service of companies and organisations that share a common path of sustainability and responsibility. It is focused on continuous updating, the dissemination of publications, studies and research, information and discussion meetings, the involvement of institutions and social forces, networks to promote the strategic topics of the green economy.

Sustainability Makers

Brings together the professionals who are dedicated to the definition and implementation of strategies and sustainability projects in business and other organisations: it works to qualify and promote these professionals with the aim of increasing their competence and authority, through training and networking, studies and research, conferences, workshops and webinars. Founded in 2006 as the CSR Manager Network, it will change its name to Sustainability Makers in 2021.


Kyoto Club

A non-profit organisation made up of companies, bodies, associations, and local administrations committed to achieving the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions set out in the Kyoto Protocol, the decisions taken at the EU level, and the 2015 Paris Agreement. As an interlocutor of public, national and European decision-makers and the UN Framework Agreement on Climate Change, Kyoto Club is committed to stimulating targeted and incisive proposals and policies in the energy-environmental sector.

Corporate Forum for Sustainable Finance

An international network of Companies committed to supporting and developing sustainable finance as a tool to combat climate change and promote a more sustainable and responsible society.

Valore D

The first association of companies in Italy – over 270 to date, for more than two million employees and an aggregate turnover of over 500 billion Euro – that has been committed to gender balance and inclusive culture in organisations and our country for ten years.

ESG governance LAB Logo

ESG Governance LAB

Platform, promoted by ET.Group, highly specialized on ESG that aggregates national and multinational companies committed to sustainable transition together with specialized advisors and other relevant stakeholders.