The approach to innovation and research


Innovation in Iren Group is central to the strategic choices and the definition of the products and services offered.


The Business Plan to 2030 provides for over 2 billion euro of investments in new technologies and digitalisation which will be carried out, over the course of the plan, in the development of all sectors of operation, with the aim of making the Group an example of excellence in the multi-utility sector.


Considering the macro-trends on which the Business Plan is based - decarbonisation, development of energy production from renewable sources, circular economy, energy efficiency and safeguarding of natural resources - the main innovation activities are aimed at adopting and researching technologies and processes to support the sustainable development of the reference businesses.

Research, development,

experimentation in the service

of business and quality.

Responsible innovation

For Iren, innovation is a growth engine that stimulates business development, ensures environmental and economic sustainability and stimulates the development of the territories in which it operates. 


Iren sees innovation as a shared value and wants to develop innovative and participative processes as a means to evolve products and improve the lives of millions of people. 


In line with the strategic plan, Iren promotes the country’s progress by implementing responsible innovation, capable of generating solutions to support the circular economy and energy transition. This way, systematically planned, cross-sectoral innovation facilitates change and a continuous evolution of services and solutions, while at the same time fostering the renewal of corporate culture and encouraging innovative creativity throughout the Group. 


Everyone can contribute to the innovation of Iren and its services. For this reason, the Group leverages internal resources as protagonists of the innovation journey, but also solutions, technologies and competences from the external innovation ecosystem, making use of tools such as open innovation and investments in high-potential start-ups.