Our vision to 2030

In November 2021, Iren launches its most ambitious project, a 10-year Business Plan that aims to design a sustainable future for its territories for the benefit of every community. The quality of the growth path undertaken was confirmed by the unexpected events that affected the first years of the plan. Therefore, in March 2023, Iren updated its Business Plan, confirming its strategic vision, consistent with the major challenges facing the country and further strengthening its investments, amounting to 10.5 billion euro over the next 8 years (+200 million vs. 2021-2030 Plan), which foresee an acceleration in the energy transition through the development of renewable capacity thanks to photovoltaic power, onshore and offshore wind power, but also thanks to the creation of widespread energy communities.

Our integrated strategy

Strongly integrated with the sustainability strategy, Iren's industrial strategy is developed according to the guidelines of the ecological transition, the centrality of communities and people and is divided into five focus areas: decarbonisation, circular economy, water resources, resilient cities and people. 

Strategic pillars


Ecological Transition, Territoriality and Service Quality guide the action of Iren S.p.A.'s Business Plan. The three strategic pillars point the way to meeting the needs of citizens and territories, maximising the commitment to offering the highest quality standards while reducing environmental impacts.


Sector trends

Iren's growth strategy, consistent with the main macro-trends of the sector, is further strengthened following 2022 exogenous events, accelerating the need for decarbonisation and development of renewable generation sources, circular economy, energy efficiency and safeguarding of natural resources.

Action Plan

Iren's growth strategy is supported by the strengthening of its investment plan, which envisages a cumulative amount of 10.5 billion Euro over 8 years (+200 million vs. 2021-2030 Plan).

Eco-fin and ESG targets

Iren aims to a strong EBITDA increase, close to 1.87 billion Euro in 2030, with an annual growth rate of 7.4% and a solid financial profile.


Annual growth

until 2025

Dividend Policy

Despite the large increase in investment, the dividend policy has an estimated annual growth of 10% until 2025. From 2025, the dividend pay-out will be 50-60% of Group net profit.

Risk Profile


The risk assessment mode is integrated, cross-cutting, dynamic and enhances the management systems already in place in individual business processes, starting with those related to fraud prevention, corruption, health, quality and environmental safety.


Short-term Outlook 

Iren Group's macroeconomic and financial events and any impacts on investment strategies.

Acquisitions and disposals 

In the Business Plan 1.8 billion Euro is dedicated to M&A and new tenders with the aim of supporting solid inorganic growth.

Results center

The history of published papers and presentations written over the years, enclosed in an archive.