Business Outlook

In a complex macroeconomic environment, there are three main risks with potential impact on the Group's results: interest rate trends, commodity price volatility and inflationary dynamics. Iren's continuous monitoring of the aforementioned trends allows it to adopt timely mitigation actions aimed at achieving the expected economic-financial results.


2024 will be characterised by the continuation of the investments envisaged in the Business Plan and primarily intended for the efficiency upgrading of distribution networks, the development of waste collection and treatment plants, and the development of renewable capacity. To support these investments, in January 2024 Iren issued the fifth Green Bond for a total of EUR 500 million and, late December 2023, signed two credit lines for a total of EUR 200 million. These instruments further strengthen the Group's financial structure, improving liquidity ratios, and at the same time confirm its strong commitment to expanding its sustainable finance portfolio.


The economic results are expected to grow compared to those of 2023 due to the improvement of the regulatory parameters for distribution activities, the development of plants and the consolidation of Sienambiente in the waste sector, and the maintenance of a solid profitability of the customer portfolio. As far as the energy generation business is concerned, a decrease in prices and an increase in renewable generation volumes are expected compared to financial year 2023.

On the strength of a robust investment plan and expected growth in economic results, the Group can confirm the development trend and financial sustainability envisaged in its Business Plan.