Objectives, rationale and principles

The Iren S.p.A. Group attaches great importance to continuous, open and transparent communication with the generality of Shareholders, Investors and other Market Operators.

Discussion, dialogue and listening are pivotal elements for value creation, in the medium to long term. This modus operandi contributes on the one hand to a better understanding of the Iren Group's strategies and activities, incentivising long-term commitment, and on the other hand, allows the Company to gather useful elements to guide decisions and action plans, ensuring high standards of governance.


In order to promote an increasingly open dialogue with all its Shareholders and Investors, on 21 December 2021, the Board of Directors of Iren, has approved the Policy for the management of dialogue with all Shareholders and Investors in compliance with the provisions of art. 1, Principle IV and Recommendation 3, of the new Corporate Governance Code of the Italian Corporate Governance Committee (“Corporate Governance Code”), to which the Company has adhered.


The Policy governs the extra-meeting dialogue between the Board of Directors and the representatives of the Shareholders and Investors and defines the principles, rules and methods for carrying out this dialogue, identifying the recipients, the interlocutors, the topics under discussion (view PDF for more information), the timing and channels of interaction.


The Policy is based on the following principles:


  • principles of transparency, correctness, punctuality and timeliness of the information provided within the framework of the Dialogue, according to which the information provided must be clear, complete, correct, true and not misleading, allowing investors to make an informed assessment of IREN;
  • principle of equal treatment of Shareholders;
  • principle of effectiveness;


On 30 January 2024, the Board of Directors of Iren approved an update to the Policy. The updated document acknowledges the changes occurred, as of 30 August 2023, to the composition of the Board of Directors of the Company and to the articulation of proxies among the Directors holding particular offices, as well as takes into account the change, during 2023, in the role of Group Chief Financial Officer.

Procedure for initiating and conducting the dialogue

There are many players involved in the Dialogue Policy. In addition to approving the Policy and its updates, the Board of Directors promotes the Dialogue and monitors its effectiveness.


The Chief Financial Officer of the Company, who is in charge, among others, of Investor Relations activities, and who, for such activities, reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, is identified as the Contact Point for the purposes of this Policy. Consequently, in order to activate forms of Dialogue, it is necessary that Shareholders, Investors or any of the Recipients make a written request to the CFO, at the following e-mail addresses: giovanni.gazza@gruppoiren.it and investor@gruppoiren.it.


The CFO or, on his/her behalf, the IR Function, collects the Dialogue Requests and preliminarily assesses their relevance on the basis of the topics indicated in the previous paragraph 3, with the support of the relevant corporate functions. Requests that are inconsistent with the purposes and guiding principles of the Iren Dialogue Policy are not considered.


In the event that the Director(s) in charge – after having involved the Board of Directors – decide to reject an Engagement Request, the CFO or, on his/her behalf, the IR function reporting to him/her shall inform the requesting parties in writing of the reasons for the rejection.

Policy for managing dialogue with Shareholders

Policy for managing dialogue with Shareholders



Relations with shareholders and investors

Relations with shareholders and investors