Building the future


We invest in sustainable growth aware that we generate direct and indirect impacts on people’s lives and the development of territories.

We shape our tomorrow, every day. For Iren, this means creating value over time through a sustainable development model – consistent with
its mission, its vision and its values – that can guide the Group’s strategy, policies and investments.


The multi-business nature of the Iren Group integrates different business areas that share the value of responsible resource use on a daily basis, looking to the future with a very broad view of their surroundings. People and territories are at the centre, the environment drives actions, and every resource is treated in a sustainable way aiming at the best, pursuing innovation. Iren faces tomorrow with the ambition of someone who wants to be a leader in ecological transition and circular economy to allow communities and territories to transform energy into value, without waste, together building a future that is a place where we can live well.

2021 Sustainability Report  

Our integrated strategy

Sustainability is the compass that guides the management of activities and the key lever for the creation of value over time and the development of the Strategic Plan, which aims to respond to major global challenges: from decarbonisation to the development of renewable energy, from circular economy and energy efficiency, moving on to the safeguarding of natural resources, to valuing people.


For this reason, Iren Group’s strategy is based on the analysis of the macroeconomic, financial, energy and climate context and scenarios in the short, medium and long term to identify the factors that may be important for its business from a competitive, sustainable, regulatory and normative point of view and that may affect the pursuit of its growth targets. In the Business Plan, 12.7 billion in investments are planned until 2030 of which 80% for sustainability.

Sustainability governance

Iren Group’s governance is based on shared rules that inspire and direct strategies and activities. The instruments adopted guarantee respect for ethical values, principles and behaviours within an industrial model that plans for sustainable growth.

In order to ensure consistency between behaviours and strategies, the Group has adopted a corporate governance model based on the division of responsibilities and on a balanced relationship between management and control, which guarantees that risks and opportunities are duly taken into account in the decision-making processes and contributes to spreading the corporate culture at all levels and enhancing skills.

Stakeholder engagement

Iren Group is committed to managing its activities considering the interests of its stakeholders, with the understanding that shared goals are essential to creating mutual value.

Dialogue and discussion with stakeholders are key to addressing and outlining growth strategies that produce increasingly sustainable impacts for the local area and the country as a whole, gathering the present and future needs of stakeholders.

Sustainability Reports

Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (NFS)

The latest Report

The Sustainability Report (Non-financial consolidated report pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 254/2016) is the instrument used by Iren to monitor and publicise the Group's environmental, social and economic strategies and performance, to transparently communicate compliance with the commitments undertaken, future commitments and ability to meet stakeholder expectations.


Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Committees Manager

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CSR Planning and Reporting Manager

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Local Committees Manager

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