Governance system

Iren’s Governance system is based on values, principles and ethical conduct by enabling an industrial model that plans its growth to meet the expectations of those who relate to the Group, consistent with the principle of sustainable success and the provisions of the Code of Ethics. 


The Board of Directors defines the strategy, goals, and policies to ensure the creation of value over time for shareholders and stakeholders, along with the sustainability plan that Iren has chosen to integrate into the Strategic Plan for the development of the entire Group. Assesses economic, environmental and social performance, the significant risks and opportunities in relation to the Business Plan and is constantly involved in the stakeholder engagement activities.


Internal Board Committees and Management Committees help ensure the integration and oversight of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) factors from strategic planning to the management and monitoring of Group activities.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a tool prepared by Iren to define the behavioural principles and the values of business ethics that Iren and its subsidiaries recognise, accept, share and apply, and the set of responsibilities that they, as well as their respective employees and collaborators, adopt in internal and external relations. 

ESG and Climate Risks

The risk management system integrates within it, in line with the governance and strategy adopted by the Group, the assessment of sustainability aspects. For each risk category, provided in the Group’s Risk Map, environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts are assessed. Of particular importance are the risks and opportunities related to climate change, for which a special Risk Policy has been developed. 

Remuneration policies

The remuneration policy is a key tool for pursuing the Group’s strategic objectives and generating of sustainable value in the short, medium and long-term periods.

Sustainable finance 

Starting in 2017, Iren Group embarked on sustainable finance to support sustainable investment strategies, accessible thanks to the positive environmental and social benefits of the planned and achieved investments.

Management System

The Group adopts an Integrated System of certifications structured to guarantee adequate controls on operating processes in view of service quality, customer orientation, people safety and environmental protection. 

ESG Rating and indexes

ESG assessments support investors by enabling them to identify sustainability-related risks and opportunities in their investment portfolio and to develop sustainable investment strategies. 

Diversity and inclusion

Valuing diversity and inclusion are a priority commitment for Iren, directly associated at the principles of the Code of Ethics, aimed at developing a work environment that is inclusive, respectful of all forms of diversity, inspired by principles of fairness and dignity in professional relations and free of discriminatory behaviour.

Sustainability partnership

Iren joins and participates in national and international association initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue between companies, supranational bodies, civil society and associations to spread the culture of sustainability.


Top Employer

Top Employer certification (obtained for the fourth consecutive year): the official recognition of the Company’s excellence in HR policies and strategies and their implementation to contribute to people’s well-being, improve the work environment and the world of work.

Top Utility 2021

Top Utility 2021 Award in the Absolute category: recognition of Iren Group’s excellent relationship with its stakeholders, its attention to sustainability, transparency and communication, as well as its ability to develop a harmonious growth path, expanding activities and territories, maintaining an effective relationship with consumers and improving the quality of services offered.

Best in Media Communication

Best in Media Communication certification: recognition for the work done to measure the impact of corporate communication, taking into account the positioning in the media and the quality of the relationships established with journalists.

Best Performance Award

Best Performance Award - category Best Performing Large Company assigned by SDA Bocconi: recognition of the commitment to making the topic of sustainability and investment in human capital central to bring out the potential of each person with respect to their skills, competencies and needs.


Award for commitment and results achieved in the separate collection of steel packaging in Reggio Emilia RICREA, awarded by the National Consortium for the Recycling and Recovery of Steel Packaging.

Social Creative Awards

Five awards to the social channels of Iren Luce Gas e Servizi attributed by Social Creative Awards: an award for international excellence in content creation on social media aimed at the best Italian posts (on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok) of any sector. Special mention as best Facebook content of the year 2021 to the post dedicated to the night of San Lorenzo.

Certificate of civic merit 

Certificate of civic merit delivered by the Mayor of Parma to two operators of Iren Group, representing the entire category of workers engaged in essential services for the community that during the pandemic have worked to ensure citizens the use of these services.