Iren Group's goals and approach

The Iren Group attributes fundamental importance to the tax risk management process and to the related operating methods and application tools, in order to minimise the risk of operating in violation of tax regulations, or in contrast with the principles or purposes of thetax system, and to ensure an approach based on transparency and mutual cooperation in relations with the tax authorities.


To this end, as part of the Tax Control Framework, the fiscal strategy defines the goals and the approach adopted by the Group and the holding company in managing the tax variable for the uniform management of the Group's fiscal aspects.


With respect for and according to the independence of its management choices as well as in line with its sustainability policy, the Group intends to pursue a fiscal strategy inspired by the values of honesty, quality, correctness and integrity, pursuing behaviour oriented towards compliance with the tax regulations applicable in the country where it operates and establishing relations with the tax authorities based on good faith, trust and transparency, in order to minimise any substantial impact in terms of risk, be it fiscal or of reputation, with the aim of safeguarding the company's assets and pursuing the primary interest of creating value for shareholders over the medium-long term.


The Fiscal Strategy document is approved and issued by Iren's Board of Directors and is made available to all stakeholders in accordance with corporate regulations and is updated promptly whenever changes occur at the strategic and/or operational level for all the critical elements therein regulated.

Iren Group Fiscal Strategy

Iren Group Fiscal Strategy