Management system

The Iren Group is committed to offering customers and residents efficient, effective, affordable and high-quality services, operating with expertise and professionalism and with full respect for the environment and safety, contributing to the well-being of employees and the community and guaranteeing shareholders adequate profitability.

With these goals, the Group has developed a structured Integrated System in order to implement appropriate management of all operational processes that impact service quality, as part of an increasing focus on customers and on the basis of risk identification and governance, through constant analysis of the organisational environment, requirements and expectations of stakeholders.

In this context, each Iren Group Company has adopted specific policies for its own Integrated System, the principles of which are shared with all company personnel. 

In addition, a Biodiversity Policy was adopted in 2020, which applies to all Group companies and sets out commitments and actions to protect natural ecosystems.

With the exception of the companies listed, the certificates and policies can be consulted on the relevant web pages for each Iren Group Company.


UNI EN ISO 14001
UNI ISO 45001
UNI EN ISO 50001
UNI CEI 11352
EMAS certifications and environmental declarations for energy generation facilities: cogeneration - thermoelectric - hydroelectric