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A year of sustainability with Iren

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Sold volumes 15,697 GWh

Produced volumes 9,002 GWh

The electricity produced from environmentally friendly sources (renewable or similar) represents the  87% of the total produced

Almost  730,000 tonnes of CO2 thanks to hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants

District heating

Produced volumes 2,932 GWh, 72% produced by cogeneration plants

Served volumes 93.7 million cubic metres

Distribution network 993 Km

 985,460 tonnes of CO2saved thanks to district heating

About 871,000 citizen served

Electricity distribution

Electricity distribuited 3,836 GWh

Electricity distribution networks 7,692 km

Gas distribution

Gas distribuited  1,287 million cubic metres

Gas distribution networks 

81gas networks inspected


Integrated water services

Water sold 187million cubic metres 

Water networks 23,360 Km

Sewage systems networks 11,162 

More than 200 million cubic metres of wastewater treated 

Over 791,000 parameters analysed in drinking water and wastewater



1,924,771 customers in the energy sector, 2,320,687 inhabitants in environmental services, 2,829,798 in the integrated water service and  868,130  in district heating


Sold volumes  15,697 GWh 

District Heating

Volume served oltre 93.7 million cubic metres


Sold volumes 2,845 million cubic metres



Environmental Services

165 municipalities served

Over 2.2 million tonnes of waste trated

19 treatment, selection, storage and recovery plants

3 waste-to-energy plants and 2 landfills

64.3% separated waste collection on average - national average 55,5 %

Energy Efficiency Projects

3,000 TOE saved  thanks to led lighting


1,130 TOE saved thanks to technological redevelopment of buildings


1,480 TOE saved thanks to the replacement of traditional and diesel boilers with high-efficiency boilers




Main areas served by Iren Group are Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna

We also operate in Lombardy, Tuscany, Veneto, Campania,  Puglia and Sicily


Iren' commitments and objectives for continuos improvement