District Heating

It is called district heating and it is an energy choice that improves the quality of living, offering both economic and environmental benefits.

Heat, at the form of hot or superheated water, is produced in modern stations with cutting-edge specifications from both an environmental and technological point of view. Water reaches the individual buildings and heats them via large underground pipe networks.

District heating is one of the most effective instruments for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. The heat for district heating uses the energy already produced by cogeneration stations with less fuel consumption.

In Turin, Iren manages the largest district-heating network in Italy.

Iren and district heating:

  • 95 million m3 heated in and around Turin, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Genoa and Piacenza
  • Distribution network stretching over 1000 km
  • 879,000 inhabitants served
  • More than 2.600 MW of installed thermal capacity
  • 2,994 GWh of thermal energy (heat) produced