Starting from 2017, through the issue of its first Green Bond, the Iren Group has started a path of sustainable finance to support its investment strategies strongly focused on projects with positive impacts in terms of sustainability. The extensive use of green and assimilated instruments has, over time, changed the composition of the Group's debt, today 62% of which is composed of sustainable finance instruments.

debt structure

Iren has also consolidated its historic relationship with the EIB (European Investment Bank) as well as the CEB (Council of Europe Development Bank), institutions that support investment projects with environmental as well as social sustainability requirements.

Data updated to 3Q 2021.

Green Bond

The Green Bonds highlight IREN's attention to a growing segment of investors, which include ESG parameters in their analysis as a tangible element of the sustainability of the investment choice. They allow to further optimize the financial profile, exploiting favourable market conditions and supporting the financing of projects characterized by important positive environmental impacts. The net proceeds of the Green Bonds are totally used by IREN to finance or refinance, in whole or in part, a series of projects / activities identified in compliance with the Green Bond Principles.


IREN issued four Green Bond for a total outstanding amount of 2 billion euros.


* Emissions avoided by projects common to multiple Green Bonds are counted only once
** The 71 projects indicated in the table include projects common to the 4 Green Bonds for different years, excluding these projects, the total is 44


CO2 emissions avoided during 2020 thanks to projects funded with green bonds
1.669.726 t*
If you want to deepen the specific projects of the different categories browse the list below:

GREEN BOND 2027 (GB1) - 500 M€


GREEN BOND 2025 (GB2) - 500 M€


GREEN BOND 2029 (GB3) - 500 M€


GREEN BOND 2031 (GB4) - 300 M€


TAP ISSUE GREEN BOND 2031 (GB4) - 200 M€