Shaping tomorrow

Iren provides services and creates infrastructure to improve and enhance local territories, in full respect of natural resources, the environment and customer citizens.


The Iren Group believes in the need to pursue a sustainable development model with which to create shared value over time for the company and its stakeholders.

Empowering territories,

communities and people

to grow

The responsibility of providing people and territories with basic services drives Iren to work every day to shape tomorrow, investing in ecological transition, innovation and research for the integrated management of its green resources. A virtuous process that is also reflected in the activities and main services of the business.


Iren is active in electricity, gas, district heating, integrated water and environmental services management, and integrated solutions for energy efficiency. The aim is to offer customers and territories the best integrated management, generating sustainable value over time, making people’s lives better and businesses more competitive.


By working in synergy between different business areas, Iren works to reduce its environmental impact, meet the needs of customers and communities, and ensure high safety standards for employees and suppliers.


The adoption of modern organisational and management mechanisms contributes to spreading the corporate culture in all its aspects and enhancing skills, growing in internal resources and employees the awareness that Iren plays a relevant role for the community in creating value and providing essential services. 


For a more sustainable world


The Iren Group’s goal is to offer customers and territories the best integrated management of energy resources.


In order to ensure that adequate production and reliability standards are maintained, the Group adopts predictive and preventive management policies and focuses on innovation, both by increasing the efficiency and flexibility of plants and by developing projects aimed at system energy efficiency.


Iren considers sustainability as a fundamental lever for the creation of value over time for the Group and its stakeholders and, for this reason, is committed to conducting its activities considering the interests of its stakeholders, in the awareness that dialogue and the sharing of objectives are tools through which to create mutual value.