Debt duration

Debt maturity

Specifically, from the structure of the Iren Group's debt and the maturity of it, it appears that:


  • 97% of gross debt is fixed rate and 3% variable rate
  • The average term of debt is 5.4 years


  • The average cost of debt is 1.7% 
  • 64% of Iren's total debt is composed of green or assimilated financial instruments (51% Green Bond, 13% EIB financing)
  • On 07 October 2021, Iren issued a new Green Bond in the amount of 200 million Euro ('Tap Issue'), which is within the reopening of the 300-million-Euro Green Bond issued on 10 December 2020, making it the first Italian multi-utility by number of instruments issued in this format: 4 Green Bonds for a total of 2 billion Euro