Building upgrading

The enhancement of PA buildings

The energy, building and earthquake-proof upgrading of buildings makes it possible to increase the safety and quality of life in the premises, reducing energy consumption and improving occupant comfort. With Iren Smart Solutions, it is possible to count on a service that ensures the possibility of saving on energy supply costs, enhancing the value of buildings and being an active player in the combat against climate change.

Iren Smart Solutions offers a turnkey service, acting as a single point of contact at all stages of the intervention:


  • feasibility study and design
  • energy diagnosis/energy performance certificate
  • authorisation procedures
  • realisation of energy upgrading and/or earthquake-proof consolidation work
  • files towards agencies (e.g. ENEA)
  • analysis and monitoring of savings achieved


Reduced energy losses, architectural and urban upgrading and increased property value are just some of the benefits that can be derived from building upgrading.


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