Smart city

Safe, multifunctional and innovative cities

Iren Smart Solutions aims to shape the needs of the Public Administration by designing customised and sustainable solutions, integrated in the urban context but also interconnected, capable of transforming the city into a safer, more multifunctional and innovative environment.

The smart city concept refers to a cit where habitability is complemented and enhanced by state-of-the-art and innovative systems, where technologies and people are placed within an advanced network that enables interaction, data exchange and implementation based on artificial intelligence.

Iren Smart Solutions is at the disposal of the Public Administration to extend and enhance services for citizens, developing the smart city concept and assessing the desired characteristics:


  • energy upgrading of building-plant systems
  • smart parking systems
  • security and video surveillance applications
  • consumption and air quality monitoring
  • automation of traffic lights according to traffic conditions
  • public Wi-Fi stations
  • collective self-consumption and/or energy communities
  • energy self-production from renewable sources
  • remote control of technologies and systems
  • LED upgrading of public lighting and traffic lights
  • App for citizens to report faults or malfunctions
  • electric car charging stations (IrenGO)


Intervention request for malfunctions and anomalies

Portal for reporting malfunctions of traffic light systems in the City of Turin, managed by IREN Smart Solutions and aimed at users of the Municipal Police Corps, GTT and the City of Turin.

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