Public and art lighting 

Public and art lighting solutions

Design and realisation of public lighting solutions, increasing cost savings, light quality and city safety. Iren Smart Solutions proposes a turnkey service for the efficiency upgrading of the city’s public lighting and traffic light system, including design, installation of new LED lighting fixtures, dismantling and disposal of obsolete lamps.

LED street lighting enhances buildings, redevelops urban areas, increases road and public safety, improves well-being in public places and considers the upgrading of the system. Lighting with state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures can significantly reduce annual electricity consumption and the resulting energy costs for the public administration.


Iren Smart Solutions also designs and implements artistic and architectural lighting solutions to highlight the historical and artistic heritage of the area and implement artistic events such as “Luci d’Artista”.


LuceInCittà App

The "LuceInCittà" App allows quick and immediate reporting of malfunctions and anomalies of city lighting points (street lamp off, many street lamps off, damaged street lamp, etc.) on all the territories in which Iren Smart Solutions manages these systems.

Therefore, the user, by simply using a smartphone, after activating the GPS and registering, has two options when seeing a faulty light point: take a photo or send the light point identification code.

The report is sent and taken over directly by the operational teams who intervene to solve the problem.
Furthermore, at the end of the intervention there is feedback from the company to the user by e-mail or text message (depending on the channel used for registration) on the successful resolution of the malfunction.

There may also be the possibility that a malfunction declared resolved is in fact not resolved and the street light is still switched off.

This is because the replacement of a switched-off lamp by an operating team cannot include checking the functioning of the whole system (the whole system would have to be switched on).

The possible malfunction may not be related to a burnt-out lamp, but may depend on other technical factors such as control electronics or the distribution network, so it is necessary in this case to inform the company that the malfunction has already been reported so that appropriate action can be taken.

LuceInCittà is available free of charge on the Android and iOS App Stores and can be installed on smartphones by directly framing the QR Code below.

Watch the instructions for using the app in the videopill.

Intervention request for malfunctions and anomalies

Portal dedicated to the management and monitoring of failures of public lighting systems managed by Iren Smart Solutions and aimed at municipalities.

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