Consultancy, diagnosis and monitoring

Addressing energy efficiency interventions

Feasibility analysis services are the first and fundamental step in embarking on a virtuous path of energy upgrading and optimisation: detailed knowledge of own consumption is the key element for any energy efficiency and cost containment activity.

The incentives, calls for tenders and facilitations made available make it possible to carry out energy efficiency measures with reduced financial commitments for the public administration. Iren Smart Solutions also provides efficiency services and solutions for the Public Administration, identifying the best opportunities for saving and rationalising energy resources. The realisation of interventions is also made possible through dedicated contractual instruments (EPC, Project Financing). The main advantages of the consultancy service are:


  • analysis of incentives, calls for tenders, available funds and related access files
  • detailed and precise knowledge of consumption and identification of areas of inefficiency
  • awareness of needs and priorities for action
  • preventive identification of plant anomalies/malfunctions and planning of scheduled maintenance
  • compliance with regulatory requirements
  • identification of recommended upgrading measures


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