Cogeneration and trigeneration

Environmental, energy and economic benefits

The design and construction of cogeneration and trigeneration plants leads Iren Smart Solutions to combined and simultaneous production systems of electricity and thermal energy, which allow to increase plant efficiency and optimise energy consumption, generating economic savings for the Public Administration.

Iren Smart Solutions offers a turnkey service, from design to testing and maintenance, guaranteeing:


●      comprehensive support, from initial dimensioning to consumption monitoring

●      personalised service

●      analysis of available incentives and access files


Cogeneration and trigeneration provide important advantages, including self-production of energy and consequent cost savings. The cogeneration system exploits the residual heat, i.e. the 50% otherwise lost, to feed an auxiliary system for heat production, bringing the plant efficiency to around 60%; in the trigeneration case it goes up to around 70-75% efficiency by feeding, in addition to the cogeneration, a cooling system.


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