Technological global service

Optimised management of technological systems

The service includes the operation, maintenance and periodic inspections, in accordance with the law, of all the technological systems in the building, i.e. by way of example:


  • electrical systems: switchboards, ordinary and safety lighting, power systems, uninterruptible power supplies and generators;
  • special systems: automatic and manual fire alarm detection systems, call systems, intrusion detection alarms, gate automation, intercoms, closed circuit television systems;
  • heating, air conditioning and domestic water systems;
  • fire extinguishing and fire detection systems;
  • gas systems used for cooking.

Global Service guarantees reduced disruption, energy savings and numerous other benefits, such as reduced maintenance costs or environmental sustainability.

Iren Smart Solutions offers a turnkey service, acting as a single point of contact for integrated and optimised plant management and adopting preventive maintenance plans to reduce plant downtime and optimise consumption.

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