Photovoltaic and solar thermal

A sustainable and cost-effective commitment

Iren Smart Solutions designs, develops and installs photovoltaic systems also on agricultural land (agri-voltaic), industrial land or floating on reservoirs using bifacial technology. Innovative solutions designed to meet thermal energy needs, for example, aim to ensure eco-friendly supply in an increasingly sustainability-conscious and necessarily energy-independent context.

The service covers all phases of the intervention, with a turnkey approach:


  • technical inspection and consumption analysis
  • choosing the optimal solution
  • economic and financial planning and analysis
  • removal and disposal of asbestos (if present)
  • execution of authorisation procedures
  • installation and testing of the system
  • customised financial solutions
  • analysis of available incentives and implementation of incentive access files
  • monitoring of production and energy savings achieved
  • management and maintenance
  • possibility of combination with electrical storage systems


Iren Smart Solutions represents an expert and qualified interlocutor, able to guide companies in choosing the most suitable project solution for their needs and to follow all phases of the intervention.


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