Consultancy, diagnosis and monitoring

Energy consultancy, analysis and facilitations 

The detailed knowledge of own consumption, which is fundamental for any energy efficiency and cost containment activity related to energy supply, is part of the Energy Management activity and is a regulatory obligation (through the Energy Diagnosis and the consequent identified interventions) for energy-intensive or gas-intensive companies and large companies. 

Iren Smart Solutions offers services of energy consultancy, analysis of incentives and facilitations, energy diagnoses pursuant to Legislative Decree 102/2014 and engineering of consumption monitoring and optimisation systems, implemented by its own team of experts and certified EGE. 

Iren Smart Solutions also performs an engineering service for energy monitoring systems, as also required for the purposes of the Energy Diagnosis, in terms of both design and implementation, taking care of the installation and configuration of measurement and data transmission instruments and the setting up of the web-based Energy Management Platform. The main benefits of efficient energy management and monitoring are:


  • detailed and timely knowledge of consumption for each energy carrier, including at department and/or process level;
  • calculation of energy indicators to indicate the efficiency of the building, relating energy requirements to the size and use of the users; 
  • identification of areas of inefficiency and awareness of priority for action;
  • preventive detection of anomalies/malfunctions and planning of scheduled maintenance, avoiding sudden breakdowns and consequent prolonged production stoppages;
  • compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • detection and correction of consumption anomalies leading to additional costs;
  • targeted intervention on processes and technologies, to undertake paths of improvement, optimisation and upgrading.

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