Upgrading of heating systems

Energy analysis and renovation of plants

Iren Smart Solutions offers turnkey solutions for the energy upgrading of condominium heating systems by assisting and supporting the condominium administrator in all stages of the process: from the technical proposal in the flat owners’ meeting to the design and realisation of the intervention, optimising the effective economic outlay of condominium owners and increasing comfort and efficiency.. 

Outdated and obsolete systems result in limited efficiency with associated energy losses that entail unnecessary and avoidable costs. For this reason, Iren proposes a plant upgrading service in several stages:


  • inspection and plant analysis
  • analysis of available incentives and bonuses
  • feasibility study and design
  • disposal and installation
  • maintenance and periodic checks


With careful energy analysis and targeted renovation of energy production facilities, the expected energy savings can be significant. The professionals of Iren Smart Solutions are at the disposal of the condominium to identify the best solutions for the upgrading of systems, the concrete implementation of which is also made possible thanks to dedicated contractual tools. 


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