Notice of Filing of Information Document on a Related Party Transaction of Greater Significance

11 Mar 2024

Iren S.p.A. hereby announces that the information document, together with its annexes, relating to a transaction with a related party qualified as significant, concerning the amendment of the agreement between Rigenera Materiali s.r.l. and Amiu Genova S. p.A. relating to the concession for the design, construction, management and operation under project financing, pursuant to Article 183, paragraph 15, of Legislative Decree no. 50 of 18 April 2016, of the mechanical-biological treatment plant of RUW (residual urban waste) with recovery of materials and production of SSF (Secondary solid fuel) serving the Genoa area at the Scarpino plant hub.

The document - drafted pursuant to Article 5 and in compliance with the outline in Annex 4 of the Regulation adopted by Consob with resolution no. 17221 of 12 March 2010, as amended and supplemented. - is also available on the website, under the path "Governance - Internal control, risk management, compliance - Transactions with related parties", as well as on the authorised storage mechanism 1Info Sdir Storage (1INFO).

Download the complete Press Release

Download the complete Press Release