Iren, the BoD temporarily revokes the powers of the CEO and assigns them to the other two delegated bodies

7 May 2024

Iren's Board of Directors met today in an extraordinary and urgent manner following the dissemination of press news regarding an order of precautionary measures ordered against the CEO Paolo Signorini by the Judicial Authority of Genoa.

The Board of Directors, acknowledging the objective temporary impossibility for the CEO to exercise his powers and with the aim of ensuring stability and continuity in the company management, activated the provisions of the Group's internal contingency plan and resolved to temporarily revoke the CEO's powers, assigning them to the other two Managing Bodies.

In particular, the Chairman in addition to his current powers, namely:

  • Communication, External Relations and Public Affairs;
  • Associations;
  • Internationalisation and Strategic Projects;
  • Regulatory Affairs;
  • Permitting;
  • Innovation;
  • Finance and Investor Relations;
  • Corporate Secretariat;
  • M&A.


The following powers were also assigned:

  • Waste Business Unit;
  • Energy Business Unit;
  • Market Business Unit;
  • Networks Business Unit;
  • Legal Affairs;
  • Energy Management;
  • Administration, Planning and Control.


The Deputy Chairman, in addition to his current powers, namely:

  • Corporate Affairs;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Territorial Committees;
  • Internal Audit and Compliance;
  • Staff and Organisation.


The following powers of authority have also been entrusted:

  • Procurement, Logistics and Services;
  • Technology and Information Systems;
  • Risk Management.


This set-up guarantees the full continuity of corporate activities for the achievement of the objectives contained in the Strategic Plan.

Download the complete Press Release

Download the complete Press Release