Iren SpA, resignation of Mr. Gianni Vittorio Armani

12 Jun 2023

Today, Mr. Gianni Vittorio Armani submitted his resignation as Board Member, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Iren S.p.A with immediate effectiveness. At the same time, Mr. Armani has, therefore, renounced all proxies and powers granted to him.

In order to ensure stability and continuity in the management of the Company, it will implement the current contingency plan, which contains indications regarding the allocation of proxies among the other executive directors (Chairman and Vice Chairman) in the time interval necessary to identify a new CEO, in compliance with the prerogatives reserved for the Syndicate Committee of the Shareholders' Agreement in force between public shareholders.


Iren S.p.A. thanks Mr. Armani for his commitment and contribution to the Group over the past two years.

Download the complete Press Release

Download the complete Press Release