Depurazione Acque Reflue

The protection of water resources is one of the objectives of the Iren Business Plan to 2024. The Group has made specific commitments to reduce water withdrawals from the environment for potable use and, above all, in the growth of efficiency and capacity of the purification processes to guarantee high levels of service to local communities and improve the quality of river and sea waters.


PROJECTS DOC GB 2027 (GB1) GB 2025 (GB2) GB 2029 (GB3) GB 2031 (GB4)
Improvement of Genova plants V   V  
Improvement of Reggio Emilia plants V     V
Improvement of Piacenza plants V     V
Improvement of Parma plants V   V  
Investiments in sewage and waste water plants (Emilia and Liguria)   V V  
Investiment in drainage and purification (La Spezia-Liguria)     V V