Scenario and strategic pillars

Iren's 10-year growth strategy is consistent with the main macro-trends in the sector, i.e. decarbonisation and the development of renewables, the circular economy, energy efficiency and the safeguarding of natural resources. Iren's ambition is to be the reference partner in the area, to establish itself as a leader in the ecological transition and to be the first choice of stakeholders for the highest levels of service quality offered. This ambition is based on three strategic pillars: the ecological transition with a progressive decarbonisation of all activities and the strengthening of leadership in the circular economy and the sustainable use of resources; territoriality with an extension of the perimeter in the legacy territories and the evolution as a reference partner for the communities by expanding the portfolio of services offered; quality through the improvement of performance and the maximisation of customer/citizen satisfaction levels.

This industrial strategy is strongly integrated with the sustainability strategy, which defines precise medium- and long-term targets. In particular, the latter is developed according to the guidelines of the ecological transition and the centrality of communities and people and structured according to 5 focus areas: decarbonisation, circular economy, water resources, resilient cities and people. The investments envisaged in the plan are aimed at obtaining ESG Science Based Target certification.