Standard & Poor's credit rating

Standard & Poor’s assigns new “BBB-” rating with “Positive” outlook

On 9 December 2021, the rating agency Standard & Poor's assigned for the first time to the Iren Group a long-term credit rating of "BBB-" with a "Positive" outlook. The rating obtained expresses the solidity and quality of Iren's creditworthiness and reflects the Group's strong positioning in Italy as one of the largest multi-utilities with a broad diversification of activities, especially in regulated activities, and a strong territorial presence. In addition, the acceleration of investments envisaged in the new Business Plan, mainly aimed at organic growth and energy transition, combined with an expected continuous improvement in credit metrics, support the rating agency's "positive" outlook.

Fitch also positively assesses the Group's liquidity profile.

The rating of the bond issues corresponds to the rating assigned to the company.


Rating History

Data Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) Outlook S&P's Report Iren's Press Release
09/12/2021 BBB- Positive Show PDF