Integrated System and Certification

The Certified System is a streamlined and flexible organisational model that can quickly adapt to changes in customer expectations and needs, as well as internal organisational changes, thereby ensuring continuous monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes at the same time.

Iren Group has developed an Integrated System (Quality, Environment and Safety - QES) to adequately monitor all operating processes that influence the service levels with the attention increasingly focused on the customer.

The main principles of the Integrated System are:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • focus on environmental and social topics; 
  • occupational health and safety;
  • service efficiency;
  • quality in the supply chain and in procurements;
  • ongoing improvement;
  • compliance with the Code of Ethics.


The Integrated System Policy is shared by all the personnel working within the Group and creates strong synergies between the operating structures.

The management of Quality, Safety and Environment systems is ensured by Iren's Welfare and Certification Systems Department.

The commitment of the Iren Group is expressed in the attention to principles of quality and environmental protection, the rational use of natural resources and full compliance with current regulations and in the awareness of its customers and suppliers to environmental issues, and is witnessed by obtaining and maintaining voluntary certifications.

To ensure sustainable growth based on continuous improvement, resources are employed for the:

  • development of the production of energy from renewable sources or similar and district heating, together with the adoption of the best technologies to guarantee a reduced environmental impact;
  • improvement of the use of water resources, in terms of both its withdrawal and its discharge;
  • renovation of the urban wastewater treatment systems and search for the best technologies in order to improve the quality of effluents and minimizing odorous emissions;
  • correct management of obligations concerning special waste: production, storage, transport and disposal and/or final recovery;
  • spread of information on the impact that company activities have on the external environment through specific publications, such as the Sustainability Report and Environmental Declarations.