In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial for Iren to promote the development of new skills and technologies to efficiently support operations and the evolution of new businesses.

Iren Lab

Iren operates in the field of environmental analysis through Iren Laboratories, ,highly specialised structures, certified to the most modern standards. Iren Lab carries out chemical, microbiological, hydrobiological, eco-toxicological tests and technical-environmental consulting on water resources, environmental media, waste and energy for a total of over 1,200,000 tests and 100,000 samples per year.


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Studio Alfa

A subsidiary of the Iren Group, Studio Alfa operates in the environmental services sector with a multi-disciplinary approach, from consulting to scientific analysis, a network of national and international offices quickly and accurately handle customers' requests throughout the entire support process. 

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EEC - Energy Efficiency Certificates

The Iren Group has always focused on the world of energy efficiency, both by investing in projects aimed at increasing efficiency and by operating as one of the main parties approached in the supply mechanism of Energy Efficiency Certificates.

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No-Dig Technology

Given its operation of public gas and water distribution services, Iren has opened an innovative and specialised division for developing no-dig technologies for laying and renovating networks.  

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GEOsim is the reference product for the GIS sector - Geographic Information System- of the Iren Group: a cutting-edge, computerised network cartography system, available to Group companies and third party customers.

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