The quality of service and customer satisfaction are the pillars that support the growth strategy of Iren Group, with the further objective of contributing to the protection and enhancement of the territory.
For this reason, Iren Group has chosen to:
produce electricity mainly from unconventional sources: hydropower, photovoltaic, cogeneration and waste-to-energy plants
reduce emissions through cogeneration and waste-to-energy plants 
pursue water and energy saving also promoting good practices and sustainable consumption behaviour among customers 
ensure a rational and sustainable management of water resources by carrying out interventions aimed at reducing leaks in drinking water distribution networks, investing in sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants
adopt integrated waste management systems that enable to intercept a huge amount of material for recycling and to send for disposal only those materials that are not usefully recyclable, with consequent energy recovery

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18,382 GWh sold

10,382 GWh produced

Electricity produced by plants fuelled by environmentally friendly sources (renewable or similar) is approximately 76% of all production

Hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants have made it possible to avoid emissions equal to 647,857 tonnes of CO2




District heating

2,944GWh heat produced , 80% of which from cogeneration 

95 mcm  of volume served  Distribution network 1,041 km  

About 1,155,610  of CO2 avoided through cogeneration plants and district heating

More than 879,000 citizens served

Electricity distribution

3,819 GWh electricity distributed

Lenght of electricity network 7,742 km

Gas distribution

1,274 mcm distributed

Length of gas network 8,099 km

88% of the gas network inspected




1,853,349 customers in the energy sector, 2,791,927 inhabitants served in the integrated water service, 3,057,857 inhabitants served in the environmental services and 879,070 in district heating


18,382 GWh sold

District heating

95 mcm of district heated volumes


3,014 mcm sold



Environmental services 

297 municipalities served 

More than 2.8 million tonnes of waste managed 

36 treatment, selection, storage and recovery plants

3 waste-to-energy plants 2 operating landfills

67.3 % of sorted waste collection, against a national average of 58.1 %

Integrated Water Service

181 mcm sold

Lenght of water mains network 19,870 km

Lenght of sewage systems 11,107 km   

More than 200 mcm of waste water treated

Over 778,000 parameters analysed of drinking water and waste water



Energy efficiency projects

5,689 Tep saved from the LED public street lighting

1,150 Tep saved from the redevelopment works on heating systems in municipal building  

1,505 Tep saved from the installation of high-efficiency condensing boilers