The following table shows the structure of the debt, in relation to the portion at fixed

and variable rates and its composition and maturity. 




Average cost of debt 1.8%
Average long-term debt maturity of 5.9 years


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Data as of 1H 2021
In particular
  • 97% of gross debt at fixed interest rate and 3% of gross debt at variable interest rate
  • Average long-term debt duration of about 5.7 years 
  • Average cost of debt of about 1.7% 
  • 59% of the Iren total debt is composed of green and assimilated instruments (46% Green Bond, 13% EIB loans)
  • On 10th December Iren issued its fourth Green Bond of 300m€, maintaining its leadership among Italian multi-utilities in terms of number of issues, with a total amount of EUR 1.8 billion
  • To support the Group's liquidity profile and rating level, Iren has subscribed €295 million of medium/long-term financing lines that available but not used and €150 million of committed Sustainability Linked Revolving Credit Facilities (RCF) in addition to current cash and cash equivalents.