The following table shows the structure of the debt, in relation to the portion at fixed

and variable rates and its composition and maturity. 




Average cost of debt 1.8%
Average long-term debt maturity of 5.4 years


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Data as of 1Q 2022
In particular
  • 99% of gross debt at fixed interest rate and 1% of gross debt at variable interest rate
  • Average long-term debt duration of about 5.4 years 
  • Average cost of debt of about 1.7% 
  • 64% of the Iren total debt is composed of green and assimilated instruments (51% Green Bond, 13% EIB loans)
  • On 7 October 2021 Iren issued a new Green Bond for an amount of 200 million euros ('Tap Issue') which is the reopening of the Green Bond of 300 million euros issued on 10 December 2020, making it the first Italian multi-utility for number of instruments issued in this format: 4 Green Bonds, for a total of 2 billion euros