Goals and results

In Sustainability Report, every year, we declare our objectives for the future and report transparently on the results achieved. We define improvement commitments for each stakeholder category (value and development, sustainable resources, people, customers and citizens) and monitor their implementation year after year. You can consult objectives and results for each stakeholder category:

Growing and creating Value

4,275 million Euro of revenues
524 million Euro of investments
1,421 million Euro of added valued distributed
0.0925 Euro of dividends per share proposed, +197% share price increase in the last 5 years
3 Green Bonds for 1,500 million Euro invested in 40 environmental sustainability projects
8.3 million Euro invested in research and innovation projects 



Value and economic development for local areas


Competitiveness on the market




524 million euro of investments

237 million euro in profits 

+10.1% dividend growth compared to 2018

Intensification of contacts with institutional investors and financial analysts (17 roadshows), also in new financial markets (Vienna), with first meeting dedicated to ESG investors

Continuous improvement of financial communications: redesign of the Green Bond section of the Group website

Sustainable finance:
• 531 million euro in new medium to long-term loans, of which 500 million euro through the 10-year Green Bond
• new “Climate Action & Circular Economy” EIB credit facility for 120 million euro
• new “committed” Sustainability linked revolving credit facility (RCF) for 150 million euro
• liability management operations to reduce the cost of debt: including the early repayment of loans amounting to 370 million euro positive annual audit of Green Bond issues by the appointed agency DNV GL 

Confirmation from the Fitch rating agency of the public Investment Grade rating of BBB for Iren and its bond issues

3.3 million euro of investments by 2024

~300 million euro in profits by 2024

+10% annual dividend growth

Further increase in contacts with institutional investors in new financial markets and with ESG investors


Continuous improvement of financial communications: redesign of the Green Investors section of the Group website

Sustainable finance:
• coverage of financial requirements to support the investments with a balanced relationship between short and medium/long term funds and focus on principles of sustainable finance
• optimisation of the debt portfolio with liability management activities aimed at reducing the cost of debt
• respect of the commitments undertaken to benefit investors and defined in the Iren Sustainable Financing Framework

Maintenance of the Investment Grade rating