Targets and results

In the Sustainability Report we annually declare our future objectives and report the results achieved.

For each stakeholder category (environment, customers, personnel, suppliers, community and territory, shareholders and financial backers, future generations) we define our commitment to improvement, which we annually verify.

Read the commitments and results for each stakeholder category:


Consolidate the leadership of environmentally friendly sources

Beginning of the redevelopment of the hydroelectric plants of Chiomonte and Susa

• 76% of energy produced from renewables and similar sources by 2022

• Investments in renewable source (biomass plants) and mini-hydro sectors

Increase energy efficiency

• Energy efficiency of hydroelectric and thermoelectric production plants

• Replacement equipment with LED lights (8,500 in the City of Asti and 1,686 in the Biella area, via the Consorzio Enerbit)

• Efficiency raising of 116 thermal power stations in the City of Turin

• Installation of LED lamps in the pit and unloading zones of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant

• Reduction of electricity consumption deriving from division of the aqueduct networks into districts (Parma and Savona energy recovery of 2-3% compared to 2016)

• Increase of energy saved by 2022 (+11% TOE compared to 2016)

• Launch of the second phase of replacing lamps with LED lights (3,200 lamps), upon acceptance of the Municipality and Province of Biella

• Beginning of the replacement of around 6,200 lamps with LED lights for the Municipality of Fidenza

• Energy efficiency-raising interventions for the management of heating systems in the Municipality of Grugliasco and for the Royal Theatre of Turin

• Replacement of street lights inside the perimeter of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant

Reduce atmospheric emissions

• Installation of heat exchangers and pumps for the heating of natural gas, with district heating fluid in place of the existing boilers powered by natural gas in the decompression station of the Moncalieri Plant

• Investments in the district heating network to connect the TRM waste-to-energy plant with the network in Grugliasco

• Work on the TRM district heating building to use heat produced by the plant and the divestiture of the external distribution network

• Procurement of equipment to connect the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant to the city district heating network

• Increase in CO2 emissions avoided by 2022 (+14% compared to 2016)

• Growth in volumes served by the district heating network by 2022 (+14% compared to 2016)

• Continued investments in the district heating network to connect TRM with the network in Grugliasco

• Completion of the connection project of the Piacenza waste-to-energy plant to the city district heating network

Reduce industrial water consumption

• Recirculation of wastewater in the waste removal system of the Parma IEC

• Minor changes to the Parma IEC to send wastewater for chemical-physical processing, reducing the production of liquid waste sent to external plants

Contain olfactory emissions

• Upgrading the odour abatement system of the sludge treatment zone of the Parma IEC

• Continued containment of the olfactory emissions

Improve the waste collection, management, recovery and disposal systems and increase separated waste collection (circular economy)

• Activation and extension of home waste collection services with an increase in separated waste collection

• Drafting the project and the environmental impact assessment of the paper and plastic selection system at the Parma IEC

• Authorisation procedures begun for the plastic and paper selection system at the Borgaro site (Turin)

• 100% of urban waste collected sent for material and/or energy recovery

• Additional growth in separated waste collection in the local areas served

• Increase in the quantity of recoverable waste processed at the Group-owned plants

• Submission of an application for the construction of a recovery plant for organic waste with biomethane production

• Conclusion of authorisation procedures for the construction of a plastic and paper selection system at the Parma IEC

• Conclusion of authorisation procedures and work assignment for the construction of a plastic and paper selection system at the Borgaro site (Turin)

Reduce leaks in aqueduct networks through monitoring and division of the areas into districts

• Creation of a Parma task force with the installation of dozens of district meters and the launch of targeted loss research projects, with traditional techniques and with new satellite technology (in the Province of Parma in 2017, input was -2.6 million m³ compared to 2016)

• 29 active districts in Rapallo – Zoagli – S. Margherita – Portofino with substantial volumes recovered in Rapallo where a significant reduction in pressures was made

• 10 active districts in Genoa where, in the Sestri Ponente district, a pressure reduction and regulation system were introduced

• Recovery of significant leaks and the replacement of damaged pipes in Cairo Montenotte with a notable reduction in water input (-46%)

• Completion of the district division project for the city of Vercelli

• 85% of water networks divided into districts and monitored by 2022

• Additional reduction in volume of water fed to the grid across the entire area managed in the Province of Parma (from 40.3 to 38.0 million m³ at the end of 2018)

• Launch in 2018 of precise monitoring of the volumes fed into the network in the Piacenza area with the creation of the first city districts

• The continuation of the activity in the Genoa area with the transition, in 2018, from 10 to 16 districts and the introduction of additional valves to reduce pressure

• Completion of the district division system in Tigullio with the last 5 districts in S. Margherita

 • Division into districts begun in Savona

• Launch of the leak study in Chiavari and Lavagna

• Extension of the use of satellite technology to search for leaks in the Liguria area

• Creation of the first 3 districts in the Vercelli area and the recovery of certain old districts in the bordering municipalities

Improve purification processes and subsequent energy consumption

• Construction of plants with advanced process control logic at the Monticelli (Parma) and Salvaterra (Reggio Emilia) treatment plants with savings in electricity consumption

• Replacement of the compressors at the Traversetolo treatment plant (Parma)

• Launch of upgrading works for the sludge dewatering unit of the Parma Ovest and Roncocesi (Reggio Emilia) plants

• Upgrading works to the Cadelbosco (Reggio Emilia) and Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza) plants

• Completion of planning for the Moneglia (Genoa) treatment plant and procedures begun for the performance of works

• Upgrading work of the Rossiglione (Genoa) plant completed

• Efficiency-raising works completed on the air treatment section of the Lavagna and Sestri Levante (Genoa) treatment plant

• Trial protocol agreed upon for plants with advanced process control logic at the Vercelli treatment plant

• Installation of advanced process control logic and the upgrading of the airing system at the Saluggia (Vercelli) treatment plant

• Optimisation of wastewater pumping in the City of Vercelli with relative consumption monitoring

• Increase in purification capacity by 2022 (+15% population residents served compared to 2016)

• Implementation of advanced process control logic for the treatment plants of Parma Ovest, Guastalla, Praticello, Forche, San Martino and Cadelbosco (Reggio Emilia)

• Completion of system upgrading for the treatment plants of Boretto and Meletole (Reggio Emilia) and Sorbolo (Parma)

• Commencement of system upgrading for Collecchio, Borghetto, S. Maria del Piano and Monticelli-Montechiarugolo (Parma)

• Upgrade design for the plants of Fiorenzuola D’Arda and San Nicolò (Piacenza), and Arenzano Porto (Genoa)

• Completion of adaptation and upgrading works to the Moneglia and Ronco Scrivia (Genoa) treatment plants

• Start of advanced process control at the Vercelli, Saluggia, Desana and Bianzè (Vercelli) treatment plants

Extend the sewage and treatment service to areas not served 

• Work to connect the sewage system to the Trino (Vercelli) treatment plant and the installation of treatment systems on untreated sewerage section in Olcenengo (Vercelli)

• Start of installed plant systems

Improve the efficiency of the gas distribution network in order to ensure high levels of safety and reduce leaks to a minimum

• Continuation of renovation works on the gas network, in line with that provided by AEEGSI, in Liguria in particular (decommissioning of 1.5 km of pipelines made from cast iron and other obsolete materials and 7 km of steel pipelines without cathodic protection)

• Cathodic protection of the entire newly-laid steel network

• Planned inspection of over 84% of the gas network across the areas managed to search for leaks

• Continuation of the upgrading of the network in agreement with the provisions of AEEGSI

• Continuation of efficiency monitoring and maintenance in coming years

• Continuation of scheduled searching for leaks in coming years

Reduce emissions from electromagnetic fields (EMF): Monthly monitoring of electrical cabinets to keep the EMF values within the Quality value limits

• Monthly control of safety and electromagnetic fields in new/renovated operational substations through technical safety inspections integrated by the results of the electromagnetic fields measures

• 8 inspections on 44 new substations installed/renovated

• Measurement of the EMF of electricity distribution plants

• Continuation of the design and construction of the new MV/LV substations and monthly safety checks

Reduce the number of electrical devices containing PCB/PCT contaminated oil

• Decommissioning and disposal of 26 pieces of equipment containing oil contaminated with PCB • Continuation of decommissioning and disposal of equipment containing oil contaminated with PCB/PCT 

Create educational visit courses for the Turin waste-to-energy plant


• Preparing the visitor tunnel and multimedia tower at TRM

• Managing 100 visits to the TRM waste-to-energy plant amounting to 4,025 participants in total

• Continuation of the activity and increase in visitors

Implement the QSE (Qualità, Sicurezza, Ambiente - Quality, Safety, Environment) Certified System 

• Developing the methodology for conducting operational risk assessment on processes, as provided for by the 2015 review of the reference legislation for Quality and Environment certification (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)

• Renewal of Certifications with the transition to the new standards for Iren, Iren Laboratori, Iren Mercato, Ireti, Iren Acqua, Iren Acqua Tigullio, AM.TER. and AMIAT

• UNI 11352 certification – for companies that supply energy services (ESCO) – for Iren Energia and the renewal of the certification for Iren Rinnovabili

• F-Gas certification – for the companies working on plants and equipment containing fluorinated gas – Iren Energia

• Maintenance of the QES and EMAS certifications for Iren Ambiente with the extension to: R.E.I. landfill, multi-purpose waste management plant in Reggio Emilia, Systems Centre in Piacenza, Parma IEC, administrative, commercial and personnel activities in the Emilia area and billing activities and tax management

• EMAS registration submission for TRM

• Completion of the update to certified Systems for the remaining Group companies with the consequent renewal of the Certifications with the transition to the new standards

• Maintenance of the UNI 11352 Certification of Iren Energia

• Maintenance of the F-Gas Certification of Iren Energia

• Renewal of the UNI 11352 Certification of Iren Rinnovabili

• Extension of the Iren Ambiente QES Certifications to the Cornocchio (Parma) and Mancasale (Reggio Emilia) Plant Centres and to the Design and Works Department

• Start of the ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certification process for TRM

• Acquisition of the EMAS Registration and the maintenance of the ISO 14001 Certification of TRM

• Definition and implementation of the certifiable energy efficiency Management System, pursuant to the ISO 50001 standard, for Iren Energia

• Definition and implementation of the certifiable information security management System, pursuant to the ISO 27001 standard, for the Parent Company


Completion of the 2015-2018 demographic rebalancing plan and the launch of the new 2019-2020 plan that extends across the entire Group with the prevision of young hires (mainly under 30s)

• Completion of the demographic readjustment plan (2015-2017)

• Study, approval and launch of the new demographic rebalancing plan (2019-2020)

• Development of relationships with educational institutions (schools and universities) to foster combined school/work and the entry of young people into the world of work

• Doubling the under-30 population by 2020

Improve management processes and personnel development

• Continuation of the unification process for the Group’s Personnel management systems (attendance recording, unified information systems for performance management)

• Continuation of a harmonisation process for the Group’s supplementary agreements

• Completion of the harmonisation process for company agreements

• Digitalisation of processes in the Personnel area

• Improvement of Change and Talent Management processes

• Diffusion of the digitalised Performance Management system for over 50% of the company population by 2020

Implement the Iren Welfare System for all company employees

• Completion of the new welfare system for all Group employees (signing of a trade union agreement) with a portal, provider and other tools, and the possibility of allocating part of the annual bonus to the education, services and assistance for elderly family members and dependants, mortgages, health service, supplementary pensions, fringe benefits, recreation and assistance, identifying the areas of intervention mandated by Trade Unions on social and recreational levels

• Development of voluntary enrolment on the welfare system

• Activation of the diversity programme

• Smart working project

Engage and encourage the participation of personnel in sharing the policies and objectives for the maintenance of a Quality, Environment and Safety management system

• Raising the awareness of Departments via meetings dedicated to safety and the definition of actions for improving the analysis and monitoring of accidents and the identification of consequent corrective actions and/or improvements

• Creation of regular reporting on the company accident trend

• Implementation of an audit plan on production plants to detect any anomalies/critical issues concerning safety

• Preparation and implementation of procedures for securing plants with evidence of the safety aspect assessment, also from an organisational perspective

• Regular meetings between managers and operational personnel to raise awareness on safety issues and report near accidents

• Preparation of control sheets for line management to check the correct execution of activities on site in regards to the safety profile of internal personnel and companies

• Development of existing synergies between the certified Safety and Management Systems departments with the aim of unifying group-level topics (for example, accidents, health supervision)

• Completion of the development of unified risk assessment management through dedicated software

• Introduction of a Group smartphone application to promptly report any near accidents and/or potentially hazardous situations via the app

• Monthly integration of company indicator system with accident indexes regarding frequency, severity and type


Maintaining and strengthening its position in traditional areas, with the aim of creating strong links with the local community, also through events in collaboration with the main local cultural institutions and associations

• Extensive and diversified programme of events in the reference area, in collaboration with some of the main local cultural institutions and associations: adequate supervision for conducting commercial and marketing activities during big outdoor events (Gola Gola Festival in Parma, European Photography in Reggio Emilia and Summer Festival in Turin) which Iren was a sponsor

• Creation, in collaboration with the other main opera theatres and other prestigious cultural bodies within the reference area, of events exclusively for customers affiliated with the Iren Mercato loyalty programme, via collective procedures via the Rush&Win dynamic

• New events programme in the area to complement the marketing and sales activities, in synergy with the Group’s sponsoring activities

• Development of CRM with management functions for post-sales processes to guarantee a simplified user experience and an advanced customer experience designed around the needs and preferences of customers

• Visibility of the advanced status of requests/procedures for the customer, also via the Web/App tracking area

• Possibility for customers to carry out self-care operations via the Web or App, and to develop paperless processes

• The possibility for customers to configure and sign their offer on the Web/App channel by selecting the contractual conditions

Increase commercial presence in the identified development areas thanks to the commitment to brand positioning and the connection with innovation and new downstream topics

• Return in communication with a focus on new brand positioning and product launches. Two campaigns conducted across the reference provinces via outdoor billboards, radio spots and inserts in the main local papers, with a focus on new home assistance products (Casa SenzaPensieri) and services dedicated to energy saving and safety (Domotica and CasaSicura). To clarify this new commercial inclination, the Iren Mercato logo was proposed to consumers with the tag line Luce Gas e Servizi (Electricity, Gas and Services)

• New communication campaigns to strengthen brand awareness and stronger synergies between publicity, promotion, local events and support for the sales team by enhancing the various communication channels

Develop the “new downstream” project both in historic areas and development areas: confirmation of Iren Mercato’s role as extra-commodity supplier of added value services with the consequent brand positioning in reference to innovation topics

• Promotion of the “new downstream” project, bolstered by extensive promotional activity conducted at Iren Mercato service counters, with the creation of specifically dedicated physical exposition spaces and special sales initiatives

• Consolidation of the “new downstream” project: extension of the product offers for energy saving and home automation, the development of innovative offer models with simultaneous new processes and new sales channels

• Entry to the e-mobility market with the definition of various sales offers for the home automation, corporate and local authorities segments 

Consolidate the Iren Mercato customer base through an extensive loyalty and retention strategy: caring campaigns directed at specific target segments and the further development of the Club Iren Mercato loyalty programme

• Launch of IrenConTe, Iren Mercato’s new loyalty programme, an integral part of the wider project of churn reduction, thanks to ongoing loyalty-building advantages and engagement and participation mechanisms (experiential awards and mass marketing)

• Enhance the IrenConTe programme: improvement of engagement and participation mechanisms for enrolled customers, new advantages, new reporting platform for constant monitoring of KPIs and the annual animation plan


Extension of the supplier performance monitoring system 

• Supplier performance monitoring system with reference to:

  - compliance with all occupational safety regulations and possession of all the safety requirements defined in the contract

  - compliance with all the environmental requirements defined in the contract

Each item generates a point, the sum of which contributes to changing the supplier’s score upon entry to the portal

• Monitoring suppliers’ performance and identifying gaps in the panel in regard to sustainability, based on the perimeter merceology and other parameters

• Raising the awareness of suppliers on issues that arise and monitoring the improvements achieved

• Transposition of legislative changes on the environment and safety into supplier qualification and assessment systems and procedures

Community and Local Area

Growth in the quality and quantity of participated projects on sustainability, “incubated” by Local Committees

• Actions and initiatives to encourage stakeholders and local communities to engage in participatory planning of initiatives for environmental and social sustainability: the Iren Local Committees have “incubated” 11 new projects

• Continue qualitative and quantitative growth in participatory planning with stakeholders for the sustainability of the local areas

Further dissemination of the platform

• Initiatives to increase users and exchange flows on the platform. At the end of 2017, the number of profiles registered reached 928, up by 30% compared to 2016

• Continuation of the diffusion of the platform and the planning developed through this with the aim of generating positive environmental and social impacts for communities

Extension of Local Councils and Committees


• Activation of Local Councils and Committees in the Group’s new geographic reference areas
Integration of CSR, Risk Management and 231 Monitoring/privacy processes within the strategic planning process

• Launch of strategic planning that integrated sustainability objectives and targets within the 2017-2022 Iren Business Plan and the 2018 budget

• Refining the objective definition process and sustainability targets within the strategic plan

Stakeholders and Financial Backers

Improve financial communication with the aim of extending the coverage of analysts to increase the visibility for the market and stakeholders of growth, efficiency and sustainability actions that have been implemented

• Increase the number of financial analysts that cover the stock thanks to entry of MainFirst, starting from January

• Visits to financial markets that have never been entered by the Group before (Chicago and Luxembourg)

• Presentation of Iren’s equity story in financial markets that have not been reached as of yet, due to the Group’s increased visibility and the significant increase in terms of capitalisation and results

• Ongoing research into the excellence of financial communication through daily contact with analysts and fund managers

Maintain the Investment Grade rating

• Confirmation from the Fitch agency of the public rating Investment Grade improving by a notch to BBB for Iren S.p.A. and BBB for the bond issues 

• Maintenance of the Investment Grade rating

Continue with the coverage activities of financial requirements to support the investments with a balanced relationship between short and medium/long term funds

• Improvement and use of new medium/long-term loans for 550 million Euro, of which 500 million with a new public Green bond issue with a duration of 10 years

• Completion of the BEI Reti Elettriche credit line for 75 million Euro

• Update and extension of a bond issue programme (EMTN Program) up to a maximum amount of 2 billion Euro

• Optimisation of the debt portfolio with liability management activities aimed at reducing the cost of debt

• Continuation with the coverage activities of financial requirements to support the investments with a balanced relationship between short and medium/long term funds

• Full compliance with the commitments undertaken within the Green Bond Framework to benefit Socially Responsible Investors (SRI), in line with Green Bond Principles 

Optimise the debt portfolio also with liability management activities aimed at reducing the cost of debt

• Tender Offer transaction for 92 million Euro and early repayment of bank loans amounting to 253 million Euro

• Continuation of the optimisation of the debt portfolio also with liability management activities aimed at reducing the cost of debt

Future Generations

Capillary initiatives of disclosure and environmental education aimed at children and adults in the local areas of reference

• Include educational offers in the Edu.Iren catalogue, the result of collaborations with parties present in the local area

• Extension of training offered beyond the school year

• Trialling training courses with several parties (schools, associations and companies) within the combined school and work project

• Enhancing projects promoted by Iren Local Committees

• New pilot projects with companies in the local area on sustainability topics

• Increasing collaborations with local and national parties to offer new training courses and tools

• Transforming Iren environmental education from a traditional educational style into an advanced local communication tool