Materiality matrix

Energy efficiency, renewable sources and district heating

Iren Group has set out important goals in its development plan aimed at preserving natural resources, particularly energy resources, and reducing emissions, thanks to the extension of district heating systems and electricity generation from renewable or similar sources. Furthermore, Iren guarantees high levels of energy efficiency in the management of its activities and proposes energy efficiency solutions to customers.


Sustainable use of water resources

The goals outlined in the Group's business plan include the rational use and protection of water resources; consequently, the Group has defined targets regarding the quantity of water resources withdrawn and the quality of waste returned to the environment, representing key factors for sustainable management.



Within its strategic guidelines, Iren Group has emphasised its commitment to consistently reducing its atmospheric emissions, specifically, it has defined objectives to reduce CO2 emissions and increase the amount of CO2 avoided by using renewable sources, district heating and obtaining energy from waste.

Circular economy: management, separated waste collection and reuse

Iren Group manages its own waste and the waste managed on behalf of local communities with the aim of reducing its production and increasing recovery and production of energy from waste, according to the principles of prevention, sustainability and safety. Dialogue and a constant flow of information on the topic with Institutions and residents is essential, as is the training provided in collaboration with schools and universities.



To protect biodiversity and habitats, as well as entering into partnerships with Bodies, Institutions and Associations, Iren Group works to ensure that the activities that take place in protected areas are compatible and sustainable for the environment and maintain its natural balance.


Environmental education

Iren Group believes that education is the most effective and strategic way to foster a culture of sustainability and innovation. Informed residents contribute significantly to improving the social and environmental impact of services, directing them towards new strategies. This is why Iren invests in its relationships with schools and universities to prepare for the future.

Innovation and smart cities

The aim of the Group's approach to innovation is to improve service quality, building relationships between material infrastructures and human capital, both intellectual and social, thanks to the use of new technologies, in order to improve quality of life and meet the needs of residents, companies and institutions. All actions are strongly focused on the local areas in which the Group works, collaborating with local communities to develop smart cities.

Development of local communities

The Iren Group identifies the focus for progress and the creation of shared value in the current and future local areas of reference. Improving people’s quality of life, making businesses more competitive, looking to the growth of local areas through the eyes of change and making development and sustainability a single value. Iren Group’s vision is to make this future a reality.


Dialogue with Public authorities

Relations and dialogue with Public Authorities, and more generally, with local politicians, play a critical role for the activities of the Group and for addressing and outlining governance strategies in relation to energy and the environment, producing impacts for local areas and for the entire country that are increasingly efficient and sustainable. Dialogue is therefore constant, in line with respective roles.



Employment — a matter of extreme social importance — represents a crucial factor for Iren Group that recognises its human resources as fundamental capital for growth. Maintaining adequate employment levels, skill coverage and development and the quality of employment are essential for pursuing corporate strategies.

Industrial relations

The topic contributes to create the best conditions for guaranteeing Iren Group the development of a business model that aims to involve and enhance human resources, in order to increase efficiency, quality of services and capacity to address market challenges with innovative solutions. Therefore, industrial relations must be developed in accordance with a participatory, non-confrontational model, while respecting the various roles.

Occupational health and safety

Consolidating a culture of risk prevention and assessment is a top priority for Iren Group which aims to ensure the health and safety of its workers and to improve the working environment, also with a view to increasing employees’ motivation and engagement and guarantee the continuity of production processes.


Development of human resources

Professional growth is essential in order to anticipate and successfully address the complexities and changes of the market, regulations and technologies. Iren's investment to develop internal skills and optimise its human resources is a fundamental part of the agreement between the company and the individual.


Corporate welfare and diversity

One of Iren Group’s commitments is the reconciliation of life needs with work needs, improving the quality of the work environment and promoting diversity. The aim is to become a team, add value to the outcome of individual work and increase a feeling of belonging, creating a shared social, cultural, professional and intellectual terrain.


Human rights

Iren Group considers the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organisation and the Earth Charter to be fundamental points in the definition of its values. The Group condemns any form of discrimination and promotes the respect and dignity of all individuals. The suppliers’ system is managed with same principles and is also constantly monitored on these aspects.


Internal and external communication

The knowledge of the mission, values, policies and sustainable growth objectives of Iren Group, together with the capacity to listen, are crucial for the true involvement of human resources in developmental challenges. External communication is the primary vehicle for relations and transparency with stakeholders in order to provide information on the economic, environmental and social impacts of the Group, in a prompt and timely manner.

Efficiency and reliable services

Improving the efficiency of all services is important both in terms of the quality offered to residents and to ensure the proper use of resources, the reduction of environmental impacts, as well as reducing the Group's operating expenses. Continuity and reliability of service are constantly strived for to comply with legislation and also on a voluntary basis.


Service levels offered, customer focus and changes in customer expectations

For Iren, the ability to deliver high quality levels and innovative services in order to respond to new and emerging customer demands represents a guarantee for long-term development. The Group’s mission is to offer its customers and areas the best integrated management of energy, water and environmental resources, with innovative and sustainable solutions in order to produce value over time.


Marketing policies

Innovative offers are changing Iren’s role, shifting it from a simple energy supplier to an expert in services with high added value. Simultaneously, innovative offers and services increase customer satisfaction levels and reinforce loyalty. Innovation, agility and smartness are the Group’s objectives for improving its relationship with its customers.


Responsible management of business segments

Iren Group invests to guarantee security, continuity, health and business sustainability, aware of the responsibility that energy and environmental service management entails, for the present and for the future of communities and local areas. The commitment is aimed at developing initiatives and the ability to use the available time, money and resources appropriately, taking the social and environmental impact of business actions into consideration.



In order to prevent and fight corruption, Iren Group has adopted an organisational model and a Code of Ethics with guidelines, procedures and rules of conduct. Training and raising the awareness of personnel are the keys to consolidating an ethical culture of business relationships that can tangibly influence the Group’s development opportunities.

Management of emergencies

The prompt and proper management of critical situations or natural disasters is fundamental for guaranteeing safety and support to communities, also during events that fall outside the operational context of Iren Group. In line with this principle, Iren provides its support during natural disasters all over Italy.


Management of construction sites

Construction sites have social and safety implications for stakeholders: workers, residents and Local Bodies. Guaranteeing the safety of workers and communities lies at the heart of the Group’s operating strategies, as does the commitment to minimising the impact of its construction sites.


Sustainable management of the supply chain

Iren Group aims to build proper and transparent relationships with suppliers, which are based on clear rules and shared values that are key to maintaining the quality of service levels, environmental protection and safety of workers and communities. The Group considers enhancing categories of suppliers that guarantee jobs for disadvantaged people to be important and consistent with its mission.

Economic development and value for local areas

This is a cornerstone of Iren’s strategy, which aims to create value for shareholders and stakeholders. The economic development of the Group is crucial for growth and competitiveness, as well as for the significant economic, social and environmental impacts that it generates for communities in terms of the distributed added value, job creation, investments in the local area, returns and resource generation for Local Administrations.


Competitiveness on the market

The Group's growth strategy is heavily focused on customers and the development of new integrated services in order to anticipate responses to market trends, with great attention to personnel skills and process efficiency. Technological innovation, the sustainability of resources, energy transition and digitisation are the main drivers that Iren Group uses to compete on the market and increase its market share.

Impacts on local areas (suppliers)

The economic, social and environmental impacts that Iren Group has on the region stem from our employees and the engagement of other stakeholders: customers, suppliers, shareholders and local communities. The contribution of all participants in the processes—employees as well as suppliers—is essential to guarantee positive outcomes that contribute to growth and local development.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Proactive management of compliance, through monitoring and debate with Regulatory Authorities, is essential for Iren Group to anticipate scenarios and regulatory changes, as well as to carry out an effective assessment of risks. Through a proactive approach, the Group helps to improve the regulatory framework of the energy and environment sectors.