Iren Manifesto

Commitments and values underlying our transformation


Welcome, all together, on the threshold of an era of great transformations.
Transformations due not only to what has happened over the last few months. The experience that we have all lived through, if anything, has accelerated processes that were already in progress for some time and has given us the opportunity to stop and reflect on what really counts.
We at Iren, one of the largest multiutilities in Italy, which precisely in these days is celebrating 10 years of life and more than 100 of history, are very clear about the values and objectives that guide our daily work:
focus on the environment, an extraordinary collective asset to be respected and defended through the search for really sustainable growth and development, innovation and the constant enhancement of the circular economy;
work in the communities, of which we have always sustained the potential and ambitions growing together, step by step, with the prospect of doing so now with the whole country;
and then focus on people, every one different, but all, every day, looking for well-being and safety.
Today these themes have become the heritage of all and essential for the future.
That is why we at Iren commit ourselves with renewed momentum to make our experience and our strength available, so that they may be the experience and strength of a country that looks with confidence to the transformations of the coming years.
Understanding how the world is changing has always been important for us. In this moment even more. Today we present ourselves with a new image to accompany you as well as possible, once again, in this process.
Have a good change. Together with us.