Corporate Governance and CSR Instruments

The Iren Group has defined strategies and policies aimed at creating value and meeting the needs of all the stakeholders that confirm the centrality of the relationship with local communities and territories.

The Corporate Governance is based on the principles of the Listed Companies Code of Conduct and on the Group’s Code of Ethics.

The Board of Directors defines the Group’s strategic approach and approves guidelines and targets, including sustainability objectives. It also analyses and approves the annual Sustainability Report.

The Deputy Chairman, body delegated to the CSR, periodically updates the BoD on the status of sustainability projects and stakeholder engagement activities and, together with the Department of Corporate Social Responsibility, maintains an open and constant dialogue with the stakeholders. This dialogue leads to the design of performance improvement projects, concerning environmental and social aspects.
Relevant CSR instruments are: the Code of Ethics, the internal control and risk management systems, the organisational model pursuant to italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, the integrated system and certification, the Codes of Conduct and the Service Charters.