Diversity and inclusion

Iren Group has always placed people at the centre of its world, as is clear from our mission and company values. With this spirit, and the knowledge that all forms of diversity represent value for the company, Iren has decided to identify a series of indices to monitor the level of inclusion achieved within the company.

Aware that, if our people feel included, they are able to realise their true potential, making an active contribution to the company's success, Iren undertakes to promote a management culture focused on recognising the importance of our resources.

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Board of Directors Women comprise 46.2% of Iren's Board of Directors, significantly above the national average of around 30%.

Bilanci di Sostenibilità


Employees Out of a total of 7042 employees, 1807 are women, corresponding to 25.7%. This percentage is also linked to our business area, and specifically the management of systems and networks, which requires professions typically chosen by men. Bilanci di Sostenibilità 2018
New hires Out of a total of 313 new hires, 69 are women, corresponding to 22%.
Amongst the new hires, 225 are under 30 years of age (71.8%), 71 are between 30 and 50 (25.3%) and 9 are over 50 years of age (2.9%).
Bilanci di Sostenibilità 2018
Management Out of a total of 389 managers (junior and senior management), 87 are women, corresponding to 22,4%. Bilanci di Sostenibilità 2018
Processes supporting diversity Selection, recruiting, training, management, development and remuneration procedures defined within the Iren Group are strictly focused on merit and competence, with exclusively professional assessment, free from all discrimination. Codice Etico 2018
Diversity goals
Gender Diversity is included amongst our management performance indicators, as set out in the 2018 Remuneration Report. Specifically, four gender diversity KPIs have been defined:
- Number of women against total Group employees
- Number of women in junior and senior management against total number of junior and senior management positions in the Group
- Number of female hires against total Group new hires
- % of training hours used by women against total training hours issued
Relazione sulla Remunerazione 2018
Flexible working Iren supports organisational flexibility that helps people to perform their working activities in consideration of their particular family, health and personal circumstances. Specifically, flexible working initiatives have been launched regarding work entry and exit times, telecommuting, part-time hours and smart working.

Codice Etico

Smart working nel Gruppo Iren

Welfare services Iren has a corporate welfare service available to all employees, aimed at ensuring psychological and physical well-being in the workplace and at home. Some examples of corporate welfare include the “Standing together for prevention” project, which aims to raise awareness amongst all employees regarding the prevention and cure of breast cancer, organised in collaboration with Europa Donna. Insieme per la Prevenzione 2018
Disabilities At our company, 352 employees (5% of the total), have a disability or special needs. Bilanci di Sostenibilità 2018
Career progression Selection, recruiting, training, management, development and remuneration procedures are strictly focused on merit and competence, with exclusively professional assessment, free from all discrimination. Codice Etico 2018
Training On average, every employee receives 18.9 hours of annual training, for a total investment of € 970 thousand. Bilanci di Sostenibilità 2018
Employee satisfaction
An annual survey is performed on group conduct and management policies, aimed at all employees, with the purpose of analysing employee satisfaction in the following areas:
- Management
- Sense of responsibility
- Coordination and control
- External direction
- Leadership
- Innovation and learning
- Skills
- Motivation
- Work environment
Total participation was recorded at 47% (over 90% for junior and senior management, 72% for white-collar workers and 22% for blue-collar workers).