Diversity and inclusion

Valuing diversity and inclusion is a priority commitment for the Group, commitment which is directly linked to the principles of the Group’s Code of Ethics, in order to create an inclusive work environment, respectful of all forms of diversity, inspired by principles of fairness, freedom and dignity in professional relations, free of discriminatory behaviour.

The Group has decided to adopt a “Policy on Diversity and Inclusion” which at this time focuses on four main areas – gender, generational, cultural and skills diversity-, in the knowledge that the context can always lead to forms of exclusion which must be identified, prevented and countered as far as possible.

Diversity constitutes value and a culture of diversity, with an inclusive logic, promotes the well-being of all; thus it is an objective of the Group to build a corporate community in which each person feels part of and can make a contribution, in the knowledge that each person is unique and respect for diversity is a fundamental prerequisite for the coexistence of all.

Directly connected to the Policy on Diversity and Inclusion, the Group has adopted a specific Policy on Harassment and Violence in the workplace, aimed on the one hand at making people aware of the complex phenomenon of acts of violence and harassment, and on the other hand at supporting people who are victims of such acts, indicating specific channels through which reports of inappropriate behaviour can be addressed.

Both Policies and related programmes will be updated continuously, demonstrating the concrete attention of the Group for these aspects.


Iren has decided to identify a set of indicators to monitor the achieved level of inclusion.

Area VALUE source year
Board of Directors Women comprise 40% of Iren's Board of Directors, significantly above the national average of around 30%.

Sustainability Report 


Employees Out of a total of 8465 employees, 2089 are women, corresponding to 24.7% growing respect to 2019 (23.9%), the year whch San Germano company gas been consolidated that has determined a discontinuity with respect to the past, by virtue of the type of business managed. This increase may also be attributed to the continuation of the generational turnover plan which has seen the inclusion of many women’s resources.
Commitment to the implementation of gender diversity policies has been recognized through the entry of the Iren Group for the first time in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). The index measures gender equality based on five pillars: women’s leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and equal pay between the genders, inclusive culture, policies against harassment and promotion activities towards the women’s world.

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Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 

New hires Out of a total of 745 new hires, 112 are women, corresponding to 15%, constantly growing compared to 2019.
Sustainability Report 2020

Out of a total of 397 managers (executives and middle managers) there are 89 women, which corresponds to 22.42%. It should be noted that, also in view of the mainly technical characteristics of the managed activities, the situation is not discriminatory for the women’s component who represents about 35.7% of the group of executives, middle managers and employees.t of a total of 

Sustainability Report 2020
Processes supporting diversity Selection, recruiting, training, management, development and remuneration procedures defined within the Iren Group are strictly focused on merit and competence, with exclusively professional assessment, free from all discrimination. The code of Ethics  2020
Diversity goals Gender Diversity is included amongst our management performance indicators, as set out in the 2020 Remuneration Report. Specifically, four gender diversity KPIs have been defined:

- Number of women against total Group employees

- Number of women in junior and senior management against total number of junior and senior management positions in the Group

- Number of female hires against total Group new hires

- % of women participating in training courses out of the total number of participants
Remuneration Policy 2020
Flexible working The Group's management policy promotes and supports the correct balance between professional and private life, promoting forms of flexibility in the organization to facilitate people in the performance of their work activities, in relation to their family, health and personal conditions. (flexible working hours, teleworking, smart working, part time, ultra-daily flexibility). Thanks to these experiences of flexibility and the launch of a strong digitalization process in the human resources field, the Group has been able to respond effectively to the new needs of the corporate population related to the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, using all forms of conciliation available..

The code of ethics

Iren's commitment for Covid-19 emergency

Welfare services Iren has a corporate Welfare service available to all employees that target is the psychophysical well-being of people, in the workplace and in private life also. With the Covid-19 emergency, the main and immediate concern of the Iren Group was to protect the health of workers and their families and, considering the impossibility of providing services requiring face-to-face intervention, some suggestions has been periodically disseminated for the use of welfare services left available that could help in some way to take care of themselves and immediately support new and unforeseen needs, given the need to modify or suspend each of their usual activities, both physical and cultural and entertainment.

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Disabilities At our company, 370 employees (4,4% of the total), have a disability or special needs. Sustainability Report  2020
Career progression Selection, recruiting, training, management, development and remuneration procedures are strictly focused on merit and competence, with exclusively professional assessment, free from all discrimination. The Code of Ethics 2020
Training Over 88% of employees have taken part in at least one training course, with an average per capita of training hours of 24,5. Iren was awarded for the Training category within the HR Mission initiative promoted by AIDP, the Italian Association for Personnel Management to recognize and enhance the creativity and innovation implemented by companies during the COVID-19 emergency.

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Diversity and Inclusion