Stakeholder relations

Iren Group is constantly committed to creating, strengthening and expanding its relationships, guaranteeing its stakeholders ample space to air their views and to enter into dialogue.

The criteria to involve their stakeholders are defined to be as inclusive as possible, and address transparency, fairness, sensitivity to ethical, environmental and social issues and consistency with respect to the Group activities. The dialogue with its stakeholders is based upon the principles established by the AccountAbility1000 of inclusiveness, materiality and compliance.

Since 2014, Iren creates the Local Committees, an innovative channel for dialogue, debate and participatory planning between Iren Group and its stakeholders concerning the company’s services and the social and environmental sustainability topics.

In order to ensure and broaden widespread involvement, the Committees use the on-line platform, the first of its kind on a national level, where citizens can make proposals and suggestions directly on the issues dealt with by the Committees, with the aim of generating concrete and tangible projects.