Contribution to SDGs

The Business Plan defines explicit sustainability objectives and targets grouped into six focus areas. These targets determine a commitment to produce tangible results consistent with 8 of the 17 targets to be achieved by 2030 according to the UN Agenda (SDGs).

A commitment that Iren Group ensures with 80% of the investments of the Business Plan at 2030 dedicated to projects and initiatives that have a direct impact on the SDGs.




Main initiatives

Enhancement and re-skill of internal skills

Personal care and safety

Policies for diversity and inclusion



Main initiatives:

Solutions to improve the quality of life of cities and communities:

- hydrogenation of the gas network

- networks to enable the electrification of consumption

- public and private electric mobility

- district heating for better air quality

- services for energy efficiency, distributed generation, redevelopment of the building stock

- digitalization and automation of services


SUSTAINABILITY - Circular economy

Main initiatives:
- Increase of sorted waste collection, further push fort punctual pricing
- Growth of material recovery in Group plants

- New technologies for the valorization of non-recoverable waste
- Production of fuels from biodegradable waste
- Wastewater reuse for industrial and agricultural purposes


SUSTAINABILITY - Water resources

Main initiatives:
- Increase in purification capacity, improvement of purified water quality
- Rational use of water through reduction of water withdrawal and network leaks


SUSTAINABILITY- Decarbonisation

Main initiatives:
- Reduction of carbon intensity of energy production
- Energy saving of production processes
- GHG Emissions reduction through: renewables and storage development, progressive outflow from more emissive businesses, innovation on district heating and waste-to-energy


SUSTAINABILITY- Resilient cities

Main initiatives:
- Extension of district heating networks
- Reduction of corporate vehicle fleet environmental impact
- Energy saving from Iren products and services