IREN and ENGIE Agreement for sustainability in the city of Turin and its metropolitan area

15/05/2020 - Accordo IREN ed ENGIE per la sostenibilità della città di Torino e dell’area metropolitana

Iren Energia will be extending its district heating network North East of Turin with the new connection between the cogeneration plant in Leinì (ENGIE Italy) and the city of Turin

Low carbon emission cogeneration energy that will free the city of Turin from 135 thousand tons of CO2 every year 

The COVID 19 emergency has not dampened ENGIE and Iren’s mutual commitment to decarbonisation. 

ENGIE Italia S.p.A. and IREN Energia S.p.A., a subsidiary in the IREN Group, with the common objective of being leaders in the energy transition to zero CO2 emissions, and international players in the district heating sector, today signed an agreement to develop district heating in Turin.

A significant collaboration, confirming the commitment of the two Group to reducing emissions and fighting climate change: by 2024, district heating will extend further, reaching the North-Eastern sections of Turin, and servicing more than 70% of the city’s built-up areas.

The ENGIE plant in Leinì will produce 440 GWh of cogeneration thermal energy, which will be transported via a 6.4 km feeder right up to the border between Settimo Torinese and Turin.

IREN Energia will be extending the district heating network in the North Eastern section of the city of Turin. This will initially service more than 1,000 buildings, including 25,000 apartments and approximately 6.3 million cubic metres, with the potential to further develop up to 11 million cubic metres in total. 

A significant increase in district heating service users will be achieved, without having to build new production sites in the metropolitan area. In this way, existing generation plants in the region can be optimised, supported by the new thermal storage plant in the Basse di Stura area.

“This partnership is a practical example of how two aspects are essential to leverage the country’s recovery: sustainability, intended as environmental sustainability, and cohesion, intended as an alliance and cooperation between private and public entities in support of the community.” – stated Damien Terouanne, Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Italia – “We are proud at ENGIE, to be contributing to this project, playing a key role in the production and transportation of thermal energy with a low environmental impact. This integrates perfectly with the territorial approach that we have developed in the area: at Leinì and at Settimo Torinese.”

“The development of district heating is one of the strategic pillars of our Business Plan” - explained Massimiliano Bianco, Chief Executive Officer of IREN - “Based on this project, which will involve around 90 million euros in investments for IREN, our Group will be making a significant contribution to reducing emissions. It will be like having 90,000 fewer cars in the city, thanks to the 135 thousand tons CO2 the city will be spared with the introduction of district heating.”

"Today's operation - says Renato Boero, President of IREN - will allow Turin to consolidate the leadership of the most district heated city in Italy and will allow Iren to further strengthen the Group's presence in the metropolitan area by extending the district heating network in the Northeast area of the Piemonte capital thus contributing to a significant improvement in air quality".